Disclosure of information of 4 stock exchange symbols

According to Tejarat News, in recent days, announcements have been published regarding the disclosure of important information of companies in the Cadal system. But which companies have disclosed the information?

As the world of economy Reported data, Khabazres: Iran Engineering and Industrial Inspection Company won the tender “Performing sampling and inspection services of received and re-delivered products” which was held by Assaluyeh Petrochemical Green Tanks Company, with a bid price of 4.28 billion Tomans and For 12 months, he announced the date of 01/11/1400.

Qashhad: Shahd Company announced in a statement in Kadal explanations regarding the published information and financial statements that the 364% increase in the operating profit of the company was mainly due to the 63% increase in purchased beets (from 163 thousand Tomans to 273 thousand Tomans) and as a result increased sugar production 771%. It has increased from 24,061 tons to 41,186 tons.

Shesina: Sina Chemical Industries Company published the information obtained from holding an information conference due to changes in its stock prices in the Cadal system. In a part of this announcement, regarding the estimation of formalin, paraformaldehyde and hexamine production for the fiscal year 1401, the company announced that it is estimated that the production of formalin is 55,000 tons, hexamine 40,000 tons and paraformaldehyde 6,500 tons. The company also said about the pricing of export and domestic sales of its products: Export sales pricing of products (mainly hexamine and paraformaldehyde) is determined based on regional prices and taking into account the specific conditions of the region. Pricing of domestic products is determined according to the purchase price of raw materials in the stock market and the cost prices and the selling price of domestic competitors. Regarding the estimated dollar sales price of paraformaldehyde and hexamine for fiscal year 1401, Shesina said that given the main and direct role of the global methanol price, a definite prediction of hexamine and paraformaldehyde prices is out of the question and depends on the events ahead, including the corona and … Is. The company also announced the corrective actions taken in 1400 as follows:

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– Renovation of formalin unit control system

– Automation of factory boilers has reduced gas fuel consumption

– Improvement of paraformaldehyde unit lines, which has increased the production of the company

– Creating new export markets with higher profit margins

The company also stated that the sharp fluctuations in stock prices and the amount of supply on the stock exchange are due to the increase in capital and the resulting excitement. Sina Chemical Industries Company has continued its good trend and nothing special has happened that will cause a sharp drop in stock prices.

Sabaqer: Bagheran Cement Company announced that the facilities of Bank Melli Company, Bagheran Cement Company, which has been undecided since 2017, were assigned and divided into installments by concluding an installment sale contract dated 10/18/1400.

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