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Do not hold the protest of “Hamid Nouri” to the Swedish judge/commissioned court

According to the judicial reporter of Fars news agency, Hamid Nouri said this morning in the first session of his appeal court in Sweden: Despite the first judge’s decision in May, the restrictions should end, but the restrictions have increased.

He continued: I am still in solitary confinement, I am not able to contact my family and my restrictions have become more severe than before.

Referring to the condition of his solitary cell, Nouri said: In my solitary cell, they brought another person from Cuba and they made the conditions very difficult for me.

He said to the judge: Don’t let your court be unfair like the previous court. Do not order the court, let my voice be heard, my voice has not been heard anywhere.

The court judge ordered Hamid Nouri’s microphone to be cut off, but he continued to speak and said: I have been wronged, I still do not have access to an eye doctor, I cannot read the documents. This court is unfair and until these issues are resolved, I will not participate in the court and my lawyers are not allowed to attend the court either.

The story of Hamid Nouri’s expulsion from the Swedish court

The judge cut Hamid Nouri’s voice many times and asked: Hamid Nouri to raise these issues with his lawyers, but Nouri continued: I have told them many times, but it has not resulted, and I am still under the most severe restrictions.

Later, the judge ordered the police to expel Hamid Nouri from the court while protesting his harsh conditions.

According to Fars, the Swedish Court of Appeals will start reviewing the bills related to Hamid Nouri’s case from January 11 (January 21). These court sessions will continue until January 26.

Hamid Nouri, on November 18, 2018, was violently and illegally arrested by the police of this country upon entering the airport in Stockholm, Sweden, and was detained for the first 8 months without any possibility of contact with his family or consular access, in conditions similar to being kidnapped.

After about 8 months, Nouri is allowed to have only one short phone call with his family and let them know that he is alive.

Hamid Nouri will not be allowed to visit his family in person until 25 months after his arrest.

On July 23 this year, after holding 92 court hearings, the Swedish judicial system issued a verdict of life imprisonment against Hamid Nouri, an Iranian citizen, in a non-judicial and non-legal process.

During this period, he spent 38 months in solitary confinement and many of his fundamental rights were violated.

The Swedes have also refused to provide basic services such as doctors and medicine to this detained Iranian citizen.

Hamid Nouri has been deprived of the right to choose a lawyer, to contact and visit his family, and to introduce witnesses to the court, and he has not even had access to a doctor for more than a thousand days.

Hamid Nouri’s son: The Swedes have made the conditions more difficult since the courts were held

Atiye Nouri, the son of Hamid Nouri, while criticizing the way the Swedes treated his father, especially cutting off family contacts, and referring to the appeal process of the mentioned case in Sweden, said: We submitted the appeal request, the case has gone to the appeal stage and the lawyers are working. are on the file; Contradictions in the trial process are pointed out and the lawyers present the documents to the court.

Atiyeh Nouri, stating that we have been out of contact with my father for several weeks, stated: He has not had any contact or meeting with my father in the recent period and we do not know anything about my father. We requested to contact Sweden, but even our phone calls have been disconnected for some time.

He added: “Previously, the routine of calls was such that we could talk to my father and Shnood for 10 minutes almost once every one or two weeks through the Swedish police, but now the situation has become more difficult, even the current situation since the father started the meeting process. It was going through the court and the preliminary verdict had not yet been issued, it has become more difficult.

Hamid Nouri’s son continued: We haven’t heard from our father for almost a few weeks, and our only way of communication now is through lawyers.

Atiyeh Nouri says: This court that was held in Sweden and the sentence that was issued against my father is not based on justice and justice because the Swedish judge and prosecutor acted unilaterally in all stages and allowed the presence of evidence from the father. I was not given in court; Also, there was no proper defense on behalf of my father in the court process.

Changes in Sweden’s internal laws in the process of Hamid Nouri’s trial

Majid Nouri, Hamid Nouri’s son, while pointing to Sweden’s failures in the process of the mentioned case, said: Swedes even change the internal laws of this country in the process of the case.

Hossein Jafari, the lawyer of Hamid Nouri’s case, also said: “We tried our best to be able to provide evidence and documentation against the false accusations made against Hamid Nouri.”

In another part, he stated: Swedish authorities develop or change laws according to our work process, and this issue has made the work difficult.

According to lawyer Hamid Nouri, 8 sessions of the appeals court will be held in public, of which the first two sessions are related to the prosecutor and the prosecutors will present their statements and evidence.

Hamid Nouri, the lawyer of the case, emphasized that the whole process of the court will probably last until the fall of next year.

In a strange act, the Swedes cut off the communications of an Iranian prisoner/ a month has passed since Hamid Nouri’s family cut off contact with him!

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