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Donation of 253 series of dowries this year to the people of Mazandarani – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the reporter of Mehr, Meitham was excused on Tuesday night at the wedding ceremony of 30 Amoli couples on the occasion Hazrat’s birthday eighth Hajj Ali bin Musa Al-Reza (A) And with the aim of promoting easy marriage, he stated: The movement of easy marriage has become a big social movement in the province and the aid committee is implementing good programs to promote this special cultural package among the youth.

Pointing out that the issue of marriage and easy marriage are two very holy and blessed propositions, he said: We all must be benefactors and missionaries of easy marriage in order to institutionalize this culture in the society.

The General Director of the Relief Committee stated: Last year, 1,650 sets of dowries with a cost of 74 billion Tomans and 253 sets of dowries with a cost of 12 billion Tomans were donated to the poor of the province so far this year.

He stated: non-recipients can also benefit from the services of the relief committee in the form of job opening facilities.

Referring to the importance of the youth marriage category under the support of this organization, the director general of the relief committee said: Last year, marriage gifts for boys were paid to 374 people in the amount of three billion and 667 million tomans.

Mofi pointed out: “We don’t have dowry in Pashtun province, and dowry is given to newly married people in the shortest possible time.”

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