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Dust is the guest of Tehran weekend

According to Moj news agency, the Director General of Crisis Management of Tehran province issued a yellow warning Meteorology He informed about the possibility of strong wind, increasing dust and decreasing air quality in the next two days and said: Crisis management emphasizes the absence of cardiac and respiratory patients in the open air.

Hamed Yazdi Mehr pointed to the issuance of a yellow meteorological warning and stated: According to this warning, strong winds are expected from tomorrow 23 September to Friday 24 September in the southern and western parts of Tehran province in the evening and at night. Avoiding presence in heights and under dilapidated trees, loose and half-finished buildings and advertising signs.

He further mentioned the meteorological forecast about the possibility of dust rising in prone areas and showers and thunderstorms and strong winds in the highlands, especially in the upper reaches of the northeast of the province, and said: based on this, the possibility of increasing dust and decreasing air quality and radius There is a vision and the recommendation of crisis management in these situations is to avoid the presence of cardiac and respiratory patients, pregnant women and the elderly in the open air.

Yazdi Mehr also announced the possibility of flowing water in the upper elevations of the northeast of Tehran and said: We ask citizens to refrain from standing next to the canals.

In another part of his speech, he said: serving the pilgrims of the Razavi shrine for the spiritual ceremony of 28 Safar was one of the important measures delegated by the Governor of Tehran to the General Directorate of Crisis Management.

In the end, Yazdi Mehr stated: According to the arrangements made between Tehran Governorate and Khorasan Razavi Governorate to provide mobile sanitary services and a mobile bakery to serve the visitors, the necessary measures were taken by the General Department of Crisis Management of Tehran Governorate.

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