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The introduction ceremony of the new provincial managers of Sanat and Mine Bank of Lorestan and Kermanshah was held

According to the financial news report, citing the public relations of Sanat and Mine Bank, in these two separate ceremonies, the efforts and efforts of Behrouz Darai Nejad, the former manager of Lorestan province, were appreciated and thanked, and Azadeh Yar Ahmadi was appointed as the new manager of Lorestan province. was introduced

Also, Behrouz Darainejad was introduced as the provincial director and head of the Kermanshah branch, and the efforts of Farshid Radour Zanganeh, the former director of this province, were appreciated.

In these meetings, Hossein Askari explained parts of the report of the board of directors and the policies and goals of the bank in 1402, including the development of digital banking and the use of the capacity of Note 18 facilities in order to attract successful clients of the province based on the principles of professionalism and customer orientation in the organization. Emphasized.

The member of the board of directors of this bank spoke about the importance of paying attention to customers and said: the existence of customers is the basis of the bank’s concept of existence; Therefore, the goal of all our activities should be to create a sense of belonging to the bank in the customer and his satisfaction.

He pointed out: the key to the success of provincial managers is continuous communication and the transfer and application of different experiences. If a manager is successful in improving the bank’s performance indicators in a province, it is necessary for his colleagues to benefit from his knowledge and experience and to continuously learn and strive. .

Referring to the establishment of Sanat and Mine Bank’s knowledge cafe, Askari expressed his hope that effective measures will be taken in the transfer of experience and knowledge to other colleagues in order to improve the knowledge level of colleagues with a proper approach and consensus with experts and experienced colleagues at the level of the bank’s branches and headquarters.

This senior bank manager stated: According to the past routine, this bank has paid special attention to the less developed provinces and the focus is on establishing new units in the less developed provinces, while in order to maintain employment and create capacities as well as collect foreign exchange claims. Effective measures have been taken.

He reminded: suitable infrastructures have been created in order to use the latest technology and technologies of the banking industry in this bank to provide new banking services to customers, and it is necessary for the colleagues in the branches to have full knowledge of how to use and exploit these facilities. Use these tools to attract new customers and provide better service to older customers and increase the share of fee income.

During this ceremony, Abdolreza Vali Elahi, while congratulating the new appointments and thanking the efforts of these managers, announced the increase in the quota of Note 18 facilities and emphasized on attracting successful customers of the province.

Wali Elahi stated: In order to effectively use the bank’s resources, special conditions have been created for payment and separate business lines (working capital, fixed capital, credit limit) have been taken.

Abbas Khabazi also presented a report on the transfer and transformation process of managers in Sanat and Mine Bank and stated: Changes and transformations, whether in the field of personnel circulation or other areas, are like breathing new life into the organization and are necessary. .

He expressed his hope that this change and development at the level of branches will lead to the improvement of the branch and the achievement of the goals and plans foreseen in the field of collection of claims, increase of deposits, increase of fee income compared to other incomes, etc.

I have to say; At the end of these meetings, branch employees expressed their opinions, issues and problems related to their activities, and the bank’s senior managers answered them in a friendly environment.

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