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Entry of real shareholders into car symbols / change in the stock market trend with the beginning of the month of corporate meetings

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, the capital market started the summer while it was wearing red and the shares of many companies fell in price. Shareholders entered the capital market today while waiting for legal support to restore the stock market index.

But seeing that law firms are not trying to reverse the stock market performance indicators, the decline in the overall stock market index accelerated in the second half of the market.

The decline in indices, the recession in trading and the outflow of capital were the three negative signs of trading in the last week of June, which showed the downturn in the market.

Analysts believe that the index will be supported at the level of 1,530,000 units and will rise if the index falls close to it. Stock market indices were down as yesterday, and the continued outflow of real money in the capital market has raised concerns about a deepening recession in the stock market. we were.

* Cars raise the stock market

Siamak Javadi, a capital market expert, said in an interview with Fars News Agency’s economic correspondent: “It seems that the stock market will not have much decline or rise with the current situation and until the end of the season of the stock exchange companies’ meetings in July.”

He continued: “According to the words of Minister Samat and the head of the Privatization Organization about the pricing of block sales of major automakers in the country, today car symbols were faced with a high inflow of real money, which according to the capital market leadership by these two symbols, can be He hoped that the capital market would grow.

* Red cover stock market performance indicators

During trading on Wednesday, the total stock index decreased by 6,233 units compared to Tuesday, reaching 1,533,398 units. The return of this index has been negative four tenths of a percent.

The total homogen index of the stock exchange also decreased by 1,161 units and stood at 422,295 units. The return of this index was negative 27 percent. The total OTC index also decreased by 162 units and was at the level of 20 thousand 671 units.

* Growth of the value of micro capital market transactions

Today, the value of total stock market transactions decreased by 5% compared to the previous day and decreased to 9,553 billion Tomans. The value of bond transactions in the secondary market was 1,416 billion tomans, which is 15% of the total value of capital market transactions.

Today, the value of small stock transactions increased by seven percent compared to the previous working day and reached 3,820 billion tomans. The share of these transactions in the total capital market transactions was 39%.

* Reduce the outflow of real money from the stock market

Today, the net value of the change of legal ownership to real market for the seventh consecutive day was negative and 361 billion tomans of real money went off the stock exchange, which has decreased by 16% compared to Tuesday.

A total of 1,175 billion real money was withdrawn from the groups of basic metals and chemical products, and the automobile and parts manufacturing group witnessed the entry of 272 billion tomans of money.

In Wednesday’s trading, the largest outflows of real money were allocated to the shares of BPAS (Pasargad Insurance Company), Tefars (Persian Gulf Investment Company) and Foolad (Mobarakeh Steel Company), and the symbols Khalibal (Malibel Saipa), Verna (Rena Investment), Hekeshti. (Islamic Republic Shipping) had the largest inflow of real money.

* The growth of the value of the final purchase queues of the capital market

During trading on Wednesday, 229 symbols of price growth and 411 shares also fell. The number of shares present in the sale queue was 7 symbols and the purchase queue was 38 shares.

At the end of today’s trading, the value of the final sales queues of the market decreased by 45% compared to the previous working day and became 24 billion Tomans. The value of shopping queues also increased by 31% compared to the end of the previous working day and stood at 156 billion tomans.

Today, the symbols of Thefars (Fars Civil and Development Company), Khogstar (Iran Khodro Investment Development Company) and Khazamia (Zamyad Company) had the highest buying queue and the highest market sales queue at the end of trading with the symbol D (Bank D), Sekard (Cement Kurdistan), Caspian (spring), Madaran (Iranian data processing) and Tampi (Iranian pumping).

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