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Mehr News Agency – Religion and Thought Group – Samaneh Nourizadeh Qasri: Observance of hijab is one of the requirements of the Islamic society and this importance took on a different color after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Chador became the dominant veil of the fifties and sixties and everyone was proud of this cover. With the passage of time and the passing of 40 years since the victory of the revolution, the hijab and other cultural topics were subjected to heavy attacks by the enemies and were at the tip of the enemy’s attack. Unfortunately, day by day the attacks increased and affected our teenagers and young people. The meaning of hijab should be defined for the teenagers in their own language, but unfortunately this matter has been neglected and some of the teenagers are not aware of the beauty of hijab and observance of chastity in the true sense.

Based on this and for further analysis of this issue with Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Ahmad Rahmani A member of the academic staff of the Department of Educational Sciences of the Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute (RA) had a conversation. You can read the details of this conversation below:

*How can the hijab culture be made “popular” and desirable for the youth generation of the nineties and eighties?

hijab in Comparison It has certain aspects with other values ​​and beliefs. We see the meaning of this word more in religion than in Rules. hijab Like many values, we see it as a basic religion and not just as a law. Hijab has a religious origin and its own philosophy R A has it. We made a mistake by not creating enough insight and not expressing it, and most of this lack of work is aimed at the senior managers of departments and governorates and a group of their employees who are young women.

Advertisements that are very restrictive of religious tendencies have caused the lack of success in the issue of hijab. We were easily able to line up against the enemy in the fields of military, defense and scientific equipment, and to some extent we have overcome the problems and overcome the plans of the enemy, but regarding the hijab, this lack of action is strongly observed and it does not matter whether the government is fundamentalist or reformist. In this government, we can see that there is a lack of work in the administrative environment.

We do not consider the protesters to be aliens, but they are good children of the country, but the enemy is taking advantage of them, and we must deal with them as much as possible in this field. We have a method called the reverse method, that is, if someone is swearing, talk to him with a nice face

During the administration of the late Hashemi Rafsanjani, a circular was issued regarding the measurement of women and men in the matter of hijab, but it was not implemented. Even men were advised to wear appropriate hijab in gatherings. This has one direction and of course it should be reversed let’s take And from the point where we are vulnerable, to stop the blows. The enemy has realized that one of the factors preventing cultural influence at the level of society is the preservation of hijab and public modesty.

When we talk about the hijab, our mind goes to women’s veils, but the same is true for men. That is, we do not allow men to appear in public gatherings with a tight t-shirt and tight clothing. But when we are careless about men, women also want to have a show as much as men. We had veiled veiled women who entered the university to freely observe male men who did not follow the rules of public modesty. They also wanted outward freedom.

If we want to work on the issue of hijab, we must pay attention to its depth and religious roots and not consider it only a civil law.

* Some people say that some people of today’s young generation literally do not believe in the inner value of hijab, is this correct?

I don’t want to undermine the value of the legislator, I want to say the root, but the law can strengthen the root. I see a lack of work in this area, the books written in this field, the interpretations of the verses of hijab written are complete.

We have done little. Our television has been reversed in this field and in the direction that it is supposed to increase knowledge. A person who has become a television personality and has become a media on his own does not bear any cultural responsibility. So culture building Oh you It has not happened either. When did we make interesting programs about this on TV? When did we express the negotiations and discussions in a scientific and technical way and look at the issues from emotional aspects and enter? When did we realize families? We did not do these things, and it is natural that it does not find much value in a part of this generation.

When I became a student in 1353, at that time all the official ceremonies and programs were to push the society towards nudity, but the people resisted. We were also doing cultural work at that critical time. Although at that time, the institution of families also had a special place.

How important is the family element in this context?

At that time, most high school girls were wearing hijab, and this was a sign of religious observance, which became the support of the system’s defense. Religion was very valuable for us. But in today’s environment, religion has become an issue that everyone allows themselves to talk about, while if we get sick, we immediately look for an expert and rude doctor. Some people make ignorant comments about the rules of religion and its principles and branches, because we considered religion to be an amalgam that has no sacred status, and in the past forty years in the field of human sciences, they instilled in the minds that what is imprinted in your mind is the principle. Not what is real. There were university and seminary people who encouraged aspects of religious escapism and interfered in all matters, and their work was not ineffective. In addition to being a university professor, they had a government position and no one stood in front of them, and these things have changed people’s attitudes and views.

We have to talk to the young generation patiently. There have been some cases where we sat on the custom of seeking and the emotional and intellectual rain has had an effect, but our efforts in this field have subsided and we have lost some areas. Where we are not, we have lost, and where we are present, the benefit has been more than the loss. When we are not present in the trench, others come and occupy this trench.

* What solution do you suggest in this field?

Boredom in the atmosphere of society is annoying. How much do we hurt each other? We do not have a driving culture. We do not know the culture of socializing. Our dealings have become un-Islamic dealings and our methods are very unkind, and of course, let’s not ignore the truth. I am talking to those who have such narrow-minded approaches to religious and social values. Value is not the only veil. We have seen in recent events. If someone is protesting against hijab, is it the way to use obscenity and say dirty words? Violate people’s sanctities and vows? It is well known that there are conditions and it must be implemented, the government must accompany and the people must be justified. We must clarify and explain the hijab to other people.

*We are facing a generation that says: “This is my choice and it has nothing to do with anyone.” Today’s generation makes decisions based on its own performance, the environment of this generation is different from the generation of the sixties and seventies. What should be done so that this does not cause more resentment?

If we behave correctly, this will not happen. A knot on a knot that cannot be tied. I should be able to explain in a way that does not cause resentment. I have worked with children and now I work with students. The main thing is to take the right position with logic and science. We must explain to the young generation that “we are connected and cannot be separated from each other”. We live in a society where our pains depend on each other. We did little in its moral aspects. Other selves also have rights, and the exploitation of space is not the right of one “I”. If we talk to people with sweet and correct language, they will be receptive. It seems that we have to learn social etiquette. A cleric and trainer should be able to use various sciences such as psychology and sociology in his interactions to be able to justify the person in front of him. Our way of dealing should be very calculated and we have a lesson called the principles of human relations and use the verses and traditions and the life of the Ahl al-Bayt and the character of the successful figures of the world. We do and We infer some principles, and if the principles become valid, such discussions will no longer be raised. It is effective when they are justified in the language of science and heard in the language of religion. We have not done these things.

*Who hasn’t? Who is to blame?

Anyone who has taken charge of the country’s cultural activities, ask me to be a mujtahid and a role model who should talk to the youth, from the head of the state to the legislator. We have put what we have taken from our religious texts on paper, but it remains only on paper and has not been implemented. We must promote values ​​and express them in a pleasant language so that value becomes sweet for the audience. When we express the value with bitter language, that value also remains bitter in the mind of the audience.

We have to talk to each other in some places and there should be roundtable discussions, one of them will say and the other of me will say, to move forward with patience and patience. In some of the conversations that we see in the national media, many conversational etiquettes are not observed and the audience does not get any result from the result of this conversation and cannot have a right impression. When we behave with eloquent expression, it makes others behave properly.

Even our pulpits should be conversation-oriented, and its feedback should be evident in the meeting, and it should be far from being a monologue. It is a custom that must be changed. Tones should be attractive and correct and pleasant words should replace command and prohibition. We should not become each other’s gods. He created us and gave us the power of understanding and intelligence. With the same God, we can boast in the world. In the Qur’an, three points of politeness have been mentioned for man in the position of conversation, and the basis of this is calling to religion. God says in Surah Al-Mujadala: “Pray to Rabb’s mustache with wisdom and preaching goodness. And argue with them because it is good.”

These three methods are effective. Our prophets used the first two methods, i.e. wisdom and preaching. Argument is not meant to be an argument, but rather an invitation that focuses on facts. For example, we are not talking about hijab, but we are talking about preserving the sanctity of public modesty, which everyone wants, and it is better to focus on common interests.

When we reach a common point, it becomes original for us and we stick to it. If we are able to choose a topic as the main one for everyone with all the delicacy with appropriate sermons and focusing on common points, we can rely on it. We made something that was not the main thing the main thing, and we made the thing that was a side thing the main thing. Public modesty is a national issue and all the national tools should be at the disposal of the group that wants to prove that principle.

Family is very important and we should value it more than ever. When the principle is clear, it will find its place. I also studied in Western universities, in those universities there was a department of letters for professors and students who want to study, and I did not see anyone breaking those rules. For example, they made a law that the discussion should be scientific and on the other hand get Ethnicity and religion should be avoided.

We do not consider the protesters to be aliens, but they are good children of the country, but the enemy is taking advantage of them, and we must deal with them as much as possible in this field. We have a method called the reverse method, that is, if someone is swearing, talk to him with a nice face.

* In the end, what is the conclusion that you can have from this topic?

Regarding hijab and other values, let’s consider two basic axes, one is religion and the other is law-abiding, which works together. If we can explain this well, we can reach the desired result and those anomalies have been answered.

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