Expansion of popular protests in southern Yemen against the Saudi coalition

According to Fars News Agency International Group, the wave of protests and popular anger in the southern Yemeni province of Aden is spreading day by day; In a way, a large number of streets in the city of Aden and other southern cities in Yemen have been the scene of these protests today.

news station “German NewsProtesters in the streets of Aden chanted slogans against the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition, condemning the “collapse of the economic situation of Yemeni citizens in the south” and strongly protesting the electricity and insecurity crisis, the report said.

From the early hours of today, protesters closed a number of Aden’s main streets in the Criterion and Al-Mansoura areas and set fire to tires, blocking the passage of vehicles.

Protesters also staged large-scale demonstrations across Aden last night. Emphasizing the overthrow of the self-proclaimed government in the province, the Yemeni citizens stressed that the Saudi coalition and the institution called the Presidential Council are responsible for these crises.

In this regard, the scope of the protests extended to the cities occupied by the Saudi coalition in Lahj province; As many as last night, protesters staged protests against the deteriorating living conditions and the destruction of the Yemeni national currency.

The protesters insist that the government affiliated with the Saudi-Emirati coalition is responsible for the dire economic situation of the people of southern Yemen. Demonstrators closed the streets of al-Houta (the administrative center of Lahj province) last night and set fire to tires in protest.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed government of “Moin Abdolmalek” has increased the price of each gallon of gasoline by 14% from 22,500 rials to 25,800 rials.

Citizens in southern Yemen are facing a catastrophic economic and security situation due to the free fall of the Yemeni currency against the dollar. In addition, there are gangs operating in these areas, which have been formed in the shadow of the destruction of the security institutions, which have deprived the Yemeni citizens of security.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia, which have been campaigning in Yemen since 2015 under the pretext of supporting the resigned government, and in order to escape the accusations against them, in November 1998, the parties involved reached a peace agreement called the Riyadh Agreement; A fragile agreement that failed to contain the conflict in southern Yemen until the Transitional Council declared autonomy in the southern provinces on May 27 this year.

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