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Fajr CEO’s annoyance with Golmohammadi and review of the situation of Esteghlal / Fallah soldiers: If Persepolis is big, they should thank Branco

According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, Abdolrasoul Fallah stated after the 1-0 defeat of Fajrspasi football team against Persepolis: I think the last 20 minutes of the game were good. Persepolis is also a great team and I congratulate them on this victory. I feel that our team could not have lost this game, but it is football and sometimes this happens.

Regarding the condition of the soldiers of the Fajrspasi team, he said: “The source of these problems is an unprofessional plan that was approved a long time ago in the physical training of the Armed Forces, according to which 28-year-olds were to serve in the army.” Where in the world do 28-year-olds serve in the military? Teams like us, sailors, eagles, Tehran resistance, etc. are military, and if we do not have financial resources, our human resources are the same people.

The director of Shiraz Fajr Sepasi Club said: “Unfortunately, this plan was implemented and I informed the responsible friends several times, but no one paid attention.” In this way, we make industrial teams stronger day by day. If these issues are addressed, the problems that arise for soldier players will no longer occur. I hope that in the second half of the season, the officials will be more careful and cancel this plan so that the military teams can work hard, because they are the reputation of the armed forces. Some of the players who played for Fajrspasi today were attending Azadi Stadium for the first time. You can not work with these conditions. If they want, we have to strengthen the team and make it to the competitions.

Regarding the rumors about Siavash Yazdani and Mardamand, he added: “We know what players are soldiers and what players became soldiers a few months ago.” Two Esteghlal players are soldiers on the first or eighth of Esfand. I have heard things that I hope are not true because they are not moral. I also talked to the federation officials. I heard that sometimes friends advise to invite such players to the national team so that they can serve in their clubs for another 2 years. I have no doubt that the officials of the national team will not do this morally, and the people who deserve it will be invited to the national team, not by partying, playing and consulting. I just heard that too.

“The players are young and they may get emotional sometimes and say something, but they should be proud that when they become soldiers, they play in a team that is decorated with the name of a great martyr and is in the Premier League,” Fallah said. Our team is very big and anyone who wants to join this team should be proud.

The director of Shiraz Fajr Sepasi Club said about the problems of Hafezieh Stadium: “We have a beautiful city like Shiraz, the third shrine of Ahlul Bayt.” Unfortunately, in the last 10-20 years, no attention has been paid to Shiraz sports infrastructure. I heard one of the officials say that the team is in League One and Pars Stadium is enough. I do not know why that stadium was built there, because stadiums are usually built where there is access to hotels and airports and so on. They neither equipped the memory nor prepared Pars. They could not believe that the team would advance to the Premier League. It was God who gave this gift to the people of the province. Now that we are in the middle of the season, there is no support from the officials and for the second half of the season, I ask the officials to pay more attention to the team so that we can be a worthy representative for Shiraz.

“We have a lot of problems,” he said. Some of these are internal problems that I have to thank Sardar Salami for their support and tact to maintain the existence of this team. I also thank the other officials who helped us, but if we want to stay in the Premier League, all the agents of the province must be involved. This team represents the Armed Forces. If I say the 28-year-old plan is unprofessional, that’s why. We do not want a budget of one billion, nor 200-300 billion; We just want to be a good representative of the people. The problems of our soldiers have not been solved yet and we need time, otherwise we will be harmed.

“People do not know behind the scenes and misjudge us,” Fallah said. I hope these issues are resolved and I have no doubt that in the continuation of the competition, what the sheriff really said and that the people of Shiraz will appear in them. For today, I also had a grief from Golmohammadi. I like him very much, but ethics must also be observed. Today, two of our players fell to the ground and he ordered his students to continue playing. There are wins and losses in football, but this is not professional behavior. I feel that if Persepolis is big now and will be, they should thank Branco for founding it.

The CEO of Fajr Sepasi Shiraz Club, regarding the fact that it is said that some players of his team have asked for billions, pointed out: No; This is not true at all. Our players are soldiers and this will not happen at all.

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