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Farhangian transfer conditions announced / Registration starts on May 30 – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, the transfer procedure of the official, probationary, contractual and contractual forces applying for permanent and temporary transfer It’s out And within the province, observing the lack of need for origin and Destination needs And other related rules and regulations in the 1401-1401 academic year by the Deputy Minister of Planning and Development Ministry Resources Education was notified.

In the circular issued by Saeed Askari, it is mentioned that the generalities of the transfer process, the transfer process outside and inside the province of the next academic year Coordinated one-step And software processing according to the list فضلی Approved score of applicants and According to Tables The level of manpower of the departments (separately for the department of the field / gender group) will be done according to the following schedule:

– Register the application, complete the scoring form and upload the documents through the staff profile system to the address: from May 30 to June 27
– Reviewing the applications and approving the scoring form of the applicants by the source offices in the comprehensive system of human resources at the address from 8 to 28 June
– Software processing of requests According to Tables Manpower level: from June 19 to July 26
– Announcement of results: 6 July

Terms and conditions of registration of transfer request

– The minimum years of temporary and permanent transfer applicants within and outside the province are according to the following table:

The conditions for the transfer of cultural figures have been announced / Registration will start on May 1st

Duration of service records in the form of tuition fees, literacy movement, assignments to other agencies, study in teacher training centers, teacher training, duty system service, fixed employment contract and… as service record for the transfer Will not be considered.

– The type of transfer of forces of a certain employment contract, if agreed, only permanently (excluding the destination metropolis) will be. in order to To secure the payment of their salaries, the list of transferred people should be sent to the budget departments of the destination province.

Transfer of exceptions within and outside the province

In line with the general policies of the family and in order to Maintain Kian and Cohesion This entity will agree to transfer the following as an exception:

1) In case of permanent change of the veteran’s place of employment in the same year, by submitting a confirmation from the competent authorities, according to Article 17 of the Executive Regulations, Article 13 of the Law on Employment Facilities and Veterans (without precedent)

2) Cultural women whose husbands are in managerial positions (General Manager And above) government agencies are employed or are employed in the military and law enforcement forces and, according to the order of the relevant agency (without their request), the couple’s place of service has been transferred to an area outside the province or area where the wife’s place of service; With at least five years of experimental years

3) Cultural couples whose place of employment is in two different provinces or regions; With at least five years of experimental years

Obviously, the type of transfer of this group of applicants will be permanent (excluding the metropolitan destination) if the conditions of paragraph (b) are met, and otherwise it will be temporary.

Some considerations

also According to The above circular, based on Article (9) of the resolution of the Honorable Council of Ministers in 1399, permanent transfer to the metropolises of Isfahan, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Tehran, Shiraz, Qom, Karaj And Mashhad is prohibited and can only be considered at the request of the applicants (temporary transfer). Therefore, transfer applicants to these cities are only allowed to apply for a temporary transfer mission. In addition, having exit facilities metropolis، Subject to Submit a separate written request.

Criteria for examining the status of the transfer of people in the processing process, Main teaching position and field Staff, compliant رسته And their field of employment is employment; Unless the transfer process has changed during the service, through an official license. Obviously, the main teaching position of the colleagues necessarily corresponds to Post And the field of teaching is not the annual employment notification of colleagues. Position and main teaching discipline after Initial registration The applicant must be reviewed, approved or approved by the administrative affairs of the source offices.

It is also emphasized that due to the transfer processing process, the destination change after the transfer confirmation, possible is not. Acceptance of cancellation of transfer will not be allowed after the announcement of the results. So transfer applicants Before Examine all aspects of the matter from the registration of the application.

In addition, no referral Transfer people Findings to designated neighborhoods after the announcement of the result are considered absenteeism. Therefore, it is necessary for service providers to refrain from using them, and the destination education departments should also consider their absence to the primary boards. Discounts Administrative staff announce.

Announcing the result, if agreed, only corresponds to one of the selected priorities, and accepting a transfer in one priority does not mean that the agreed destination is allowed to change to the next priority.

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