Flight price of Samand / buyers of this model made 27 million profit!

Online Economics – Solmaz Mohammadi; Samand price LX EF7 model 1401 is priced at 160 million at the dealership. Samand LX EF7 dual-fuel is also sold in the open market for 470 million, which has become more expensive by 27 million in three weeks.

The price of Samand Soren Plus Safar 1401 has been announced around 365 million, which is 20 million more expensive than the last two weeks. Samand price LX EF7 model 1401 is also announced at 368 million tomans, which has become more expensive by 13 million in two weeks.

It should be noted that the online economy does not interfere with the prices. Iranian and foreign cars may be bought and sold in the market under the influence of various factors with a slight increase or decrease in price.

The market price of all kinds of Samand cars (November 1401)
brandmodel (year of manufacture)Performance (km)price (tomans)
LX EF71401 | Iran Khodrozero (representative price)158,288,000
LX EF71401 | Iran KhodroZero368,000,000
LX EF71400 | Iran KhodroZero355,000,000
LX EF72019 Iran Khodrozero (representative price)328,000,000
LX EF7 dual fuel1401 | Iran Khodrozero (representative price)

LX EF7 dual fuel1401 | Iran KhodroZero470,000,000
LX EF7 dual fuel1400 | Iran Khodro – TaxiZero380,000,000
LX EF7 dual fuel1400 | Iran KhodroZero435,000,000
LX EF7 dual fuel2019 Iran KhodroZero400,000,000
LX XU71401 | Iran Khodrozero (representative price)

LX XU71401 | Iran KhodroZero330,000,000
LX XU71400 | Iran KhodroZero315,000,000
LX XU72019 Iran KhodroZero299,000,000
Suren Plus1401 | Iran Khodrozero (representative price)

Suren Plus1400 | Iran KhodroZero351,000,000
Suren Plus1401 | Iran KhodroZero365,000,000
Source: Bama

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