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Italian Serie A Mourinho’s third consecutive failure/Roma’s draw on the day of Dybala’s return

According to Fars news agency, in the framework of the 15th week of the Italian Serie A, Rome faced Torino and settled for a 1-1 draw.

Torino’s only goal was scored by Carol Linti in the 55th minute and Rome’s goal was scored by Matic in the 94th minute. In the last 3 games, Rome has failed to win 3 times and has not been able to win.

Of course, the important point of this game for the Argentines was when Dybala was ready to play and was able to enter the field from the 70th minute. This player joined Rome before the World Cup to show that he can help Messi and his friends in Qatar.

Dybala, of course, had a great show and was able to show his impact in the same 20 minutes. Before Matic’s goal, Dybala’s spectacular shot hit the post.

With this draw, Roma got 27 points and placed in seventh place before the league break due to the World Cup.

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