Flight with the thought of Iranian coaches

According to IRNA, the confidence in the ability of young coaches and domestic work has been associated with positive results in the last few years and it has won honor in the continental and world arenas for Iranian sports.

These honors, the last of which was the success of our country’s young and unified volleyball team in the League of Nations led by Behrooz Atai, caused even the supreme leader of the revolution to praise Iranian coaches and emphasize the use of their potential.

Undoubtedly, trusting domestic coaches in various disciplines can bring good results for our country’s sports. Being on the championship platform by relying on the knowledge of national capitals is very sweet, and in addition to significantly reducing the expenses of the federations, it will make Iranian youths once again make a name for themselves all over the world.

Now, in this report, we have taken a look at the successful Iranian coaches of different national teams in recent years:

“Mohammed Bana” wrestler

One of the special figures of coaching in Iranian sports whose peak was in the London Olympic Games. Although his anger and reconciliations have become a bit boring, Mr. Khas of Iranian wrestling has an important place in the honors of Iranian sports, especially wrestling. A face that speaks recklessly and proves its ability by achieving success. In more than a decade, Ferangi wrestling with Muhammad has won great honors in the world championship fights and in the three Olympic Games in London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

“Shahram Harvi” karate

Harvi is one of the most successful sports coaches in the country, who climbed the steps of promotion in the technical staff of the national karate teams one by one. Finally, a few years ago, he became the head coach of the senior national team and led Iranian karate to the world and Asian championships three times in a row.

Harvesting medals in the Asian Games and finally winning a gold medal by “Sajad Ganjzadeh” in the Tokyo Olympics, completed the brilliant career of this coach.

“Behrouz Atai” volleyball

This experienced coach won the championship of Asia and the world with the youth team of our country, and the history of winning the Premier League and conquering the Asian Club Cup can also be seen in his career. After the Tokyo Olympics, Atai became the head coach of the senior national team and immediately reached the Asian championship with a transformed team that no longer had regular stars.

The peak of the work of this coach and his united team was in the League of Nations, which was able to advance to the final stage and be among the greats.

“Mino Madah” Taekwondo

Although Iranian women’s taekwondo sometimes won important single medals, it could never be among the contenders in continental competitions. However, this team recently made history in the South Korean Asian Games under the head coach of “Mino Madah” and won the championship with authority, so that Madah’s name is among the great sports coaches of the country.

“Honest Pejman” freestyle wrestling

After Iran’s freestyle wrestling did not perform well in the Olympics, Pejman Darskar took over the leadership of this team, and although there were many criticisms of his presence, Darskar and his team performed brilliantly in the World Championships in Norway.

Although his main benchmark will be the upcoming World Championships in Serbia and then the Olympics in Paris, he is undoubtedly one of the sports capitals of the country, and a bright future awaits him.

“Mohammed Nazem Al-Sharia” Futsal

In 2014, he was selected as the head coach of Iran’s national futsal team and was able to win the championship of the Asian Nations Cup with this team in 2016 and 2018. But the most important title of this Shirazi coach was with the national futsal team in 2016 and in the Colombia World Cup. In those competitions, Nazim al-Sharia managed to defeat Brazil in the elimination stage and then beat Portugal in the ranking match so that Iran reached the third place in the world. He gave his place to Vahid Shamsai in 1400.

“Reza Khairkhah” gymnastics

Until a few years ago, Iran’s gymnastics had nothing to say even in West Asia, but Khairkhah, with his ideas, was able to bring Iran to a position in five years to win a medal in the Asian Championships, the World Cups, which was an Olympic qualifier. Also, the Iranian team achieved the best result in the history of the world championships with him.

“Fakhri Pact” of fencing

Years of participation in the national fencing team of Armas Saber as a player, captain and head coach have made him a special figure. Undoubtedly, if Iran’s fencing achieves success in the Asian Championship, Asian Games and even world fights, it is the result of his efforts. Fakhri and his team were only one step away from making history and winning a medal in the Rio Olympics when they did not become a notorious opponent.

Although he has now entered the managerial field and is no longer the head coach of the national team, his name is among the successful domestic coaches.

“Alireza Staki” Boxing

Iran’s boxing, which was stuck in the corner of the ring for many years and was forgotten even in Asia, has now reached an ideal era with the efforts and thoughts of Iran, the young coach.

Winning four medals in the Asian Championship and winning the first medal in the history of the World Championship (Bronze) by “Daniel Shahbakhsh” is the result of trust in Staki. Now, under his guidance, boxing has become one of Iran’s promising disciplines in various events.

“Maryim Irandoost” football

For the first time, the Iranian women’s national football team was able to advance to the Asian Nations Cup with the thoughts of this coach, to the joy of football fans. Irandoost, who works in the field of coaching like his father, also did everything he could for his team in the Asian Nations Cup, but lack of experience and lack of presence in international arenas, and of course Corona, caused this team to not achieve what it wanted. This promotion to the final stage for the first time was a great honor for Iranian women’s football.

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