Forecasting the dollar, gold and coin markets / A look at the financial markets on July 1, 1401

According to Tejarat News, today The price of the dollar The national exchange was increasing. The price of the dollar At National Exchange Today it was announced 276.95 Tomans.

The free market also fluctuates today and with an increasing trend, went to the higher channel but returned to the lower channel.

From then on gold price And Prices for coins It was also incremental.

Bitcoin forecasting

These days, many traders and investors are afraid of the trend Bitcoin In the coming days, it has intensified. Some are worried about losing their capital and getting Bitcoin to $ 13,000, while others insist that Bitcoin is worth $ 20,000.

Some analyzes find a bullish scenario more likely in the short term.

Looking at the bitcoin chart in the short and medium term, we conclude that after a heavy and rapid 30% drop from the $ 28,000 range, the price fluctuated in the price range of 20,000 to 22,600 for two to three days (yesterday to 18 Fell a thousand dollars).

Next, if we see a price stabilization above the range of 22,600, we can expect the dollar to grow even to $ 26,000, but if it stabilizes below $ 20,000, then a downtrend scenario is more likely. Of course, the point is that Anchin data show us the scenario of a temporary price rise with more power.

Stock forecasting

Javad Fallahian, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News: “Unless something special happens and systematic risk does not enter the stock market, a balanced market can be predicted for Saturday and the whole week.” Of course, we also have to take into account that we are in the assembly season and many companies will participate in the assemblies in the coming weeks, and this factor may cause the market to have a neutral state.

The capital market expert explained: The stock market is in a state of uncertainty. In other words, the capital market seems to be looking for positive news in order to maintain its trend.

He continued: “On the one hand, we see that there is no strong seller in most of the single market shares. Because of this, many investors are reluctant to buy and invest in the stock market. Of course, this also happened in this week’s trading, and many stocks fell to a single digit and were trading at zero.

Fallahian stressed: “It seems that the market trend will be the same as long as there are ambiguities about the country’s economic future.” On the other hand, there is no support from the capital market trustees from the settlement fund to the development fund in the market.

“The macroeconomic situation has no definition and all markets are in recession,” Fallahian explained. Of course, it should be noted that the situation of the commodity market and the capital market are similar.

Dollar and gold forecast

Ali Tabatabai, a financial markets expert, said about the price of the dollar: “The dollar may decrease to 27,000 tomans.”

The expert also said about the resistance rate of the dollar in the free market: the rate of 32 to 33 thousand Tomans is temporary and it is unlikely that the prices will remain in this range. On the other hand, the price of the dollar is unlikely to reach above these numbers. Unless he finds news that has never reached the people, such as the complete withdrawal of Iran from Borjam.

Ali Sadeghin, another financial market expert, also commented on his forecast for the dollar: “If the Borjam is not revived, the price of the dollar will rise in line with inflation and liquidity.”

Regarding the price of gold, he added: “If the price of the dollar rises, domestic gold will grow accordingly.”

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