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Foreign governments with pessimism against Iran prevent tourists from entering Iran

Zarghami said: “The people of the world are not pessimistic about Iran, but the governments of some countries have created pessimism about Iran during the riots, and this issue has become an obstacle for travelers from abroad to enter Iran.”

According to the social reporter of Moj News Agency, the Nowruz holiday of 1402 is the weak point of the industry Tourism It made Iran more visible than before, because not only Iran could not even bring Iranians abroad to visit Nowruz, but it was also accompanied by a flood of passengers leaving the country, so that the Civil Aviation Organization announced that for these days, about 500 The special flight for Nowruz has been predicted and this issue has fueled the exit of currency from the country, because during this time Dollar price In Iran, it has reached from 47 thousand tomans to about 55 thousand tomans, and this issue indicates the weakness of macro policies in the economic, cultural and political sectors, although accommodation and flight problems cannot be ignored. Temporary residences operate without minimum standards in the country, which leads to the dissatisfaction of passengers and tourists, and on the other hand, airlines operate with minimum standards, because in addition to the fact that ticket prices are offered differently and cause passenger dissatisfaction, but also delays A flight has practically reduced the level of service to the minimum possible.

The impact of poor infrastructure on attracting tourism

Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism In a conversation with the reporter of Moj news agency about the problems and weakness of attracting tourists in Iran, he said: Currently, we have to work on the standardization of accommodation, flight lines and roads.

Zarghami stated that until the weaknesses are not resolved, we will continue to have problems in attracting tourists and clarified: Although the people of the world are not pessimistic about Iran, the governments of some countries riots And… they have created skepticism towards Iran and this issue itself has become an obstacle for travelers from abroad to enter Iran.

Emphasizing that a memorandum of cooperation in the tourism sector has been concluded with some countries such as Russia, he said: In the current situation, we are trying to strengthen the presence of tourists by strengthening the infrastructure and also the memorandum with foreign countries, and we have achieved success so far. .

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