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The failure rate of our phones is lower than iPhone

Huawei CEO Richard Yu claimed during the China EV100 event that the failure rate of Huawei phones is much lower than that of iPhones. Although we are facing a big claim, but if it is true, it shows that Huawei has a high focus on the quality management department.

When Richard Yu took over the management of Huawei, the failure rate of the company’s phones was much higher than the iPhone; But now it seems The situation has changed.

Huawei focuses on quality and user experience

Huawei continues to invest in research and development. Last year, the Chinese allocated 25.1% of their annual income to this sector, apparently one of its results was the improvement of quality and user experience.

In the past, Yu Chendong, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, announced the company’s focus on quality and consumers. Chandang had claimed that quality is Huawei’s highest priority and is above cost and profit.

After the US sanctions, Huawei was forced to develop its own operating system called Harmony. For a long time, Huawei products have been equipped with this operating system, and now Huawei claims that their operating system is free of bugs and provides users with a smooth user experience.

Huawei’s share in the global market has decreased significantly, and its revenues and profits have also decreased. However, it seems that this company has focused on the user experience and quality so that it may be able to attract users from this point of view; However, it has not been a great success so far.

In the meantime, Honor, which was a subsidiary of Huawei and was sold nearly two years ago due to US sanctions, has a better position in the market than Huawei. Therefore, Huawei must first compete with Chinese Android product manufacturers before trying to go to war with Apple again.

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