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Formation of monitoring working groups to measure the quality of teachers’ ratings – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr news agency, Reza Murad Sahrai, in a meeting with the commanders of Basij Farhangian, emphasized the role of education and condoled the days of martyrdom of Imam Ali.A) And wishing for the success of obedience and worship on the night of Qadr, he said: Mobilization is the protector and guarantee of the revolution, the education of any country determines the future of that country, therefore, planning is necessary for better management of education and any good plan and program you have for education, implement it. do.

He clarified: the dignity of a teacher is formed when every teacher becomes a teacher, and being a teacher is one of the greatest honors that every teacher, including myself, has, therefore, the public atmosphere of the country should present a good image of education and this image should not be only in the rights and rules of teachers. be reflected

Acting Minister of Education continued: The ranking was a good thing that was formed in the 13th government, so we should present this achievement well. One of my concerns is to address three important points about the community of teachers. The livelihood of the teacher is the responsibility of the government and parliament, the dignity of the teacher is the responsibility of the society, the media and families, and all institutions are responsible for respecting the dignity and dignity of the teacher, but the authority of the teacher must be obtained only through the teacher himself and the community of teachers. .

Sahraei said: Teacher’s authority should be formed in the society, teacher’s authority is related to the teacher’s behavior and the work and activity that the teacher does, and he can form this authority himself.

The Acting Minister of Education stated: All sections of the society should focus on the teacher’s dignity and work to improve it, because a teacher is the dignity of prophets and raising the teacher’s dignity will improve the status of the teacher and the society.

Emphasizing on empathy, companionship, coordination, alignment and simultaneity at all levels of education, he said: the previous government did not enter into it due to the complexity of the ranking, and in the 13th government, despite the presence of young revolutionary managers, this task was formed and implemented, and the related problems can be solved. Also corrected the rating.

According to the information and public relations center of the Ministry of Education, Sahrai said: The effectiveness of the rating has already started and the monitoring and monitoring working group has been formed to evaluate the quality of the announced ratings. Upload new documents in the rating system confirmation It is necessary to work for its design and implementation.

Referring to the future plans of education and training, he emphasized: for the teacher’s celebration week, we must do our best to have a week in honor of teachers, we are facing the recruitment exam for teachers, and more than 28 thousand people will be recruited through this exam. Very appropriate content changes have been made in it to choose a qualified teacher.

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