Former Esteghlal stars and the possibility of returning home in the World Cup year

According to the Mehr reporter, it is not an exaggeration to consider the peak of footballers’ sports aspirations to attend the biggest sporting event in the world with their national team jersey, and therefore the years leading up to the World Cup, except for players, for teams with more representatives in these competitions. It is also very important.

The brilliance or even just the presence of each player in the World Cup, which is home to the biggest showcase to be seen, can be a very special condition for that player in the transfer markets, and each club can earn a decent income for each player in the World Cup. Attention comes this way. Therefore, in addition to the players, the issue is also very important for the clubs.

In unofficial and sometimes even official news, we come across news about the desire to return a number of former stars of Esteghlal and Persepolis who are working in foreign leagues. News that is not clear today is a rumor or it can be considered close to reality. However, since playing in the Iranian league, especially in Esteghlal and Persepolis, for some players who did not have a successful transfer outside of Iran, can increase the chances of participating in the World Cup, it can not be easily ignored (even if Rumors) passed.

The main obstacle to the return of the leader

Mehdi Ghaedi, a former and young star of Esteghlal, who was trying to gain a permanent position in the national team before his transfer, suffered such a decline after his transfer to the UAE League that he was able to play for both the club team and the national team. He shook hands and, as a rule, continues this process, taking the dream of the World Cup from this 23-year-old player who once carried the nickname “Neymar Asia”.

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Ghaedi is mentioned as one of the most probable former Sorkhabi stars who is likely to return to Iran League and Esteghlal team for the season. Of course, according to Ghaedi’s long-term contract with Shabab Al-Ahly, the big obstacle in the way of this happening is the amount that must be paid to the Emirati club for the consent and termination of the player’s contract.

Return after 5 years

Former Blues striker Kaveh Rezaei, who has been one of the regular players in the national team camps in recent years and occasionally had the opportunity to play on the pitch, is not having a good day in the Belgian league. It has been mentioned as one of the serious purchases of Esteghlal next season. The 30-year-old striker also knows very well that his return to Esteghlal could affect his chances of being selected for the national team in the final squad for the World Cup.

The biggest obstacle in the way of this player’s return to Esteghlal is reaching the age of 30 and military age, and of course, one of Esteghlal’s coaches has recently denied the player’s return to the Blues. However, we have to wait and see if the rumors about Kaveh’s return to the Blues will come true.

Iranian star in the World Cup in Russia

Omid Ebrahimi, who was one of the stars of Iran’s national team in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, is experiencing his fourth season in the Qatar Stars League. Ebrahimi, who has not been called up to the national team for a long time, may not have a good chance of being called up to the national team even if he returns to Esteghlal, but there are rumors about the player’s return that many consider him one of the best defensive midfielders in Esteghlal history. There is.

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Esteghlal, a launching pad for Karimi again

Ali Karimi, a 28-year-old midfielder who once replaced Omid Ebrahimi in Esteghlal and showed the height of his football in a blue shirt, did not have good days after leaving the Blues and participating in the Qatari and Turkish leagues. Karimi not only does not have a good chance to continue playing football in Europe due to the statistics he has this season and due to the injury he faced, but even if he is ready, he may not have a great chance to participate in the World Cup.

Returning to Esteghlal if he recovers may be the best option for Ali Karimi so that he can take advantage of the latest opportunities to return to the national team and participate in the World Cup. This could bring the rumors of Karimi’s possible return to independence somewhat closer to reality.

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