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Free ChatGPT service for iPhone users

OpenAI makes ChatGPT easier for many users to access.

According to Aetna, OpenAI announced on Thursday the launch of a free ChatGPT program for iOS users in the United States.

The launch comes six months after OpenAI first released its chat service, ChatGPT, online to the public.
The release of this product quickly caused a fierce competition among other companies and especially, technology giants to promote their products and services in the field of artificial intelligence technology, develop and implement tools that can respond to user requests, works and images. Create a desirable and effective writing.

It should be noted that the emergence of this product also raised concerns from experts and some governments regarding the possibility of its misuse, including the CEO of this company was called to the Congress to present his explanations in this regard.

The news of the company’s public offering for iPhone users comes as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified before Congress about the dangers artificial intelligence may pose to society, calling the technology’s current boom a “moment.” Khas described, and of course added that there is a need for more detailed measures in this regard.

But it is said that the new ChatGPT program has the same capabilities as the web version of the chatbot tool and can help increase its popularity.
Using this app, users can also send voice messages through their phone’s microphone instead of typing. Users can also sync their activities across devices.


The basic ChatGPT service is free for iPhone users

According to this news, basic services will be free for iOS users; But in addition to the free basic service, those who pay $20 a month to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus will enjoy additional benefits, including access to GPT-4 capabilities, the next-generation version of the technology underlying the tool.

According to the chief technology officer of this company, after America, this service will be offered in other countries with a short time interval.
According to him, OpenAI plans to launch the next version of Android.

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