Fuel imports from Iran thwart conspiracies against “Beirut” – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting المنار“The economic crisis for the following Question Crediting the resistance and hitting it was used.

According to the report, the Lebanese MP added: “Instead of providing economic assistance to Lebanon, the United States has used its money to create tension among Lebanese and tarnish the image of the resistance.”

Mohammed Raad also said: “It was very good for the Americans that Lebanon continues to face a political vacuum. However, the formation of a new cabinet prevented them from achieving their goals. The import of fuel from Iran to Lebanon thwarted all conspiracies against the country.

He said: “Seyed Hassan Nasrallah’s action in importing fuel from Iran was a courageous decision and broke the sanctions.” It is worth mentioning that the entry of fuel tankers into Lebanese territory provoked numerous reactions inside and outside the Lebanese borders.

In this regard, the gathering of scholars “عکار“The arrival of a fuel tanker convoy from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Lebanon disrupted US calculations and shattered Washington’s economic blockade of Beirut,” Lebanon said in a statement. The arrival of a fuel tanker convoy from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Lebanon disrupted US calculations and shattered Washington’s economic blockade of Beirut.. The religious institution in Lebanon continued its statement by thanking and appreciating Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah for importing fuel from Iran, saying: Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah once again proved that he is a strong and stubborn person and he fulfills his promises.

“We appreciate the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as Syria, for assisting in the arrival of the fuel tanker convoy to Lebanon and for breaking the economic blockade of Beirut,” the statement said. Also «Ali حمیهThe Lebanese Minister of Public Affairs and Transportation emphasized: The Lebanese decision to import fuel from Iran is an independent decision by the Lebanese government, which has been taken based on the concerns and wishes of the citizens of this country and all of Lebanon. The siege of Lebanon has been broken by the United States.

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Meanwhile, “Nasr الشمریDeputy Secretary General of the Islamic Resistance Movement Najba Iraq called the arrival of Iranian fuel on Lebanese soil a new achievement and noted: “The resilient Lebanese nation has become accustomed to victory over the past 40 years under the leadership of Sayyid Moqawmat and the proud Hezbollah.” He emphasized: The Lebanese nation has humiliated and disappointed its enemies; As a struggle and Money laundering, The result is nothing but regret for them. The Islamic Republic of Iran has once again proved that it is a strong and honest ally.

Despite some Western media as well as media affiliated with the sheikh نشینان The Arabs claimed that Washington and Tel آویو Fuel tankers will be prevented from entering Lebanon from Syria, but this did not happen to create a new deterrent equation against the Americans and the Zionists.


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