Gazprom announced the cessation of Russian gas exports to Poland

According to Fars News Agency’s International Service, news sources on Tuesday evening, Tehran time, claimed to cut off Russian gas exports to Poland.

Russia’s state-owned gas company Gazprom has announced that it will cut off gas supplies to Poland tomorrow, Wednesday. Some news sources claimed that Russia had suspended its gas supply to Poland under the Yamal agreement.

Local media also claimed that the flow of Russian-Polish gas to Poland was stopped due to non-payment in rubles. However, Poland has announced its readiness to supply the required gas.

Poland has acted in line with US policy on Russia in recent weeks, with Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski saying on Tuesday that Warsaw was imposing sanctions on energy companies such as Gazprom, Novatek and Akron. And people from Russia and Belarus have applied.

The list includes companies such as Gazprom, which was previously sanctioned as part of Europolgaz’s activities, and others such as Akron and Russian oligarch Vyacheslav Kantor, which owns about 20 percent of the Polish company Azoti, as well as all companies that Russian coal was imported to Poland, as well as oligarchs affiliated with the Belarusian government.

According to a statement from the Polish Interior Ministry, a total of 35 Russian-Belarusian companies and 15 individuals operating in the field of energy were sanctioned.

The Polish government announced in its latest reaction to the issue on Tuesday night, Tehran time, that Warsaw has enough gas in storage. Poland claims that it is possible to cut off Gazprom’s gas exports to Poland from Wednesday.

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In general, European countries, especially Germany, are highly dependent on energy imports, especially natural gas. Europe’s natural gas dependence on Russia is about 34%. On the other hand, 78% of Russian gas exports are to Europe. As a result, security of supply and demand for natural gas in these two regions are intertwined.

This has made the economies of both regions interdependent. In the current situation, the security of natural gas supply in Europe has become much more fragile compared to the security of European natural gas demand.

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