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Golmohammadi: Persepolis’ win against Nasaji was hard won/ Omari still has a long way to go

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, Yahya Golmohammadi said after Persepolis’ 5-1 advantage against Nasaji in a press conference: It was the result we were looking for and we wanted to get three points with a good win, which, of course, is very difficult to achieve. was achieved

* We knew that Nesasi has good attacking pieces

He added: We knew that Nasaji had good attacking players, that’s why we focused enough on defense to not score goals. On the other hand, we pressed well in the offensive section and had a good team defense. The good pressure my players brought to the opponent made us score a goal. Part of the goal we scored was due to the intelligence of the players, who were able to use this good ability on their own.

* Turabi’s dismissal made our team defensive

The head coach of Persepolis football team continued: “The conditions of the game were such that we could have scored more goals, but Mehdi Torabi’s dismissal caused our team to become more defensive.” We were able to control the game and did not give the opponent a special position. We were very focused in the defensive part, overall it was a very good game for us in terms of the result and the style of play that the kids presented. We dedicate this win to all the fans who love Persepolis.

He said about Mehdi Torabi’s two consecutive yellow cards that caused him to be fired: “Getting a yellow card is related to the mental and emotional conditions of the players.” A player who finds himself in this situation must be very careful and focused. If this happens, the number of yellow cards will definitely decrease.

*We use young players in the required positions

Regarding whether it is possible to give young people another chance due to the brilliance of Mohammad Omari, Golmohammadi said: In order to use young players, a process must be followed so that the young and hopeful people who work in the basic teams first perform well in their own teams. have, they should provide this good performance when they are added to our training. There is a filter to use young players, but we will definitely use them in the required positions.

* Omari still has room to improve

The head coach of Persepolis football team stated: Those who know my work style know that I naturally like to use young people, but on the condition that they have the quality of being in adults. Mohammad Omari has performed well in the last two games, but there is room for improvement. He should improve his concentration and professional life, and do better exercises. He has only played two games now and has a long way to go. He has to go through many steps to go through his good process. There will be a path and space for everyone. There is space for them to show themselves and use their existence.

* The situation of Sadeghi will be determined in the next day or two

He explained about Saeed Sadeghi’s injury: As I talked to the team doctor, his condition will be determined in the next one to two days. Of course, Saeed’s injury is not that serious, but I think he can return to training with a few days of rest. His exact conditions will be known in the next one to two days.

* Turabi conflict was not a scene that got a red card

Gol Mohammadi answered about the conflict between Mehdi Torabi and Ahmed Mousavi: In that scene, there was a verbal conflict, they could have managed the discussion very well so that the player was not given a red card. It was not a scene where the referee wanted to use a red card, but they could have done with better management. In any case, the pressure of the game on the referees is very high. I say don’t be tired to Ali Safai and I wish him success.

* The opinion of head coaches and experts was not a condition for selecting the head coach of the national team

The head coach of the Persepolis football team stated whether the use of a domestic coach is in the best interests of the national team: I am not the decision maker, usually the opinion of the head coaches and experts is not a condition for choosing the head coach of the national team, however, there are friends who are involved in these issues. They are decision makers. I won’t go into these issues too much, Persepolis has always supported the national team and we did whatever we could to help the national team in the basic and adult ranks. In any case, I hope that the best choice will be made for the national team. The situation is in a situation where they have to do this earlier so that the coach can have a good plan for the future.

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