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Google will release the first dedicated chip for Pixel phones in 2025

In 2024, Google planned to replace Samsung’s modified Exynos chipsets, which Pixel phones are equipped with, with its own chip called Redondo It is known to replace Now, in a new report, it is said that the search engine giant has increased its programs to The year 2025 Delayed and replaced by a new custom processor codenamed Laguna introduces

According to the words of one of the former managers of the Google chips department informationIssues such as employee retention challenges and development coordination between the US and India teams have largely accounted for the delay. Apparently, Google’s decision to stop making several Tensor chips over the past two years has disappointed the team behind the project.

Exclusive chip for Google Pixel devices

According to the report, the Laguna chips will feature an advanced packaging technology used almost exclusively by Apple that offers higher power efficiency while making the chip smaller. The former Google executive also hinted that the Redondo chips will instead be produced as a test chip that will help Project Tensor engineers design the new Laguna processor.

Google plans to phase out Samsung chips entirely by 2025 and equip its Pixel series devices with in-house Tensor processors. However, Information noted in its report that the search engine giant will continue to license Arm’s CPU and GPU cores.

Abandoning Samsung’s Exynos chips for Google would have several potential benefits. Samsung’s Exynos-based Tensor chips have been criticized so far for overheating even during moderate tasks.

Google currently sticks to semi-custom versions of Samsung’s chips, but plans to outsource production to TSMC, the chip giant that makes chips for Apple’s iPhones.

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