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Growth of 15 thousand 532 units of Tehran Stock Exchange index

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, the total index Tehran Stock Exchange Today was in a very growing trend, In the speciesAt the end of the transactions, the total index increased by 15,526 units and reached 1,522,775 units.

Also, the total index with the homogeneous criterion increased by 4,796 units and reached 410,310 units.

The market value of the Tehran Stock Exchange reached more than 6 million and 58 thousand billion tomans. Today, traders traded more than 12.7 billion shares of pre-emptive rights and financial securities in the form of 637 thousand items worth 6 thousand 553 billion Tomans on the Tehran Stock Exchange.

Today, all stock market indices were green, to KindWhere the aggregate index and the price index grew by a weight-value criterion of one percent, these two indices increased by a homogeneous criterion of 1.1 percent.

The free float index rose 0.99 percent, the primary stock market index rose 87 percent and the secondary stock market index rose 1.2 percent.

Today, iconic symbols include Persian Gulf Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Holding and Tamin Petrochemical, Isfahan Oil Refinery, شستاNouri Petrochemical, Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery and Iran-Khodro.

At OTC Iran also increased the total stock index by 76 units to 20,902 units. Also the first and second market value OTC Iran reached more than one million and 146 thousand billion tomans.

The value of the basic market also reached 354 thousand billion tomans. Today, traders traded more than 3.7 billion shares of pre-emptive rights and financial securities in the form of 343,000 items worth 4,722 billion tomans.

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Today, the symbols of Zagros Petrochemical, Saba Tamin, Pouya زرکان آق‌ دره ، سنگ‌آهن گهرزمینTondgovian Petrochemical and Mehr Ayandegan Financial have the most additive effect on the index OTC And Ariasasol polymer symbol has the most decreasing effect on the index OTC Has.

According to Fars, considering that the season of holding meetings of listed companies and OTC Fortunately, most companies forecast profits and distribute profits for the last fiscal year, and fortunately this year, in the form of articles from the budget law 1401, listed companies OTC Are required to collect micro-shareholder profits centrally and through سجام To deposit.

Investing in the stock market is associated with risk and volatility and should be studied, consulted and researched before investing.

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