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Guaranteed checks have a fishing ID from today

According to Fars News Agency, quoting the public relations of the Central Bank, Amina نادعلی Zadeh, Deputy Head of the Central Bank’s Development and Regulation Department, said: “All guaranteed checks will be equipped with a 16-digit fishing ID from today, Tuesday, June 8, this year, and banks are obliged to provide the information of such checks at the time of issuing the guaranteed check.” Register and confirm in the hunter system.

Announcing this news, he added: the applicant for a guaranteed check does not need to register it in the Sayad system, but according to the previous procedure, by referring to the bank, he requests the issuance of a check, and accordingly, the bank Correspondingly When issuing a guaranteed check for him, he must also register and confirm the guaranteed check information in the fisherman’s system before delivering it to the customer.

نادعلی Zadeh emphasized: The applicant is guaranteed a check Can Deliver this check to the beneficiary and the beneficiary can use tools such as SMS, ATMs, bank portals or برنامک Mobile companies should inquire about the information of the guaranteed check and make sure that this check has been registered and approved in Sayad’s system in his favor.

The deputy director of the Central Bank’s Development and Regulation Department said that from today, if a guaranteed check is exchanged between individuals who do not have a 16-digit fishing ID, it cannot be processed in the interbank system, and only the check issuing branches or the bank that issued the check will pay. This check can be paid, he added: The beneficiary must note that when receiving the guaranteed check, see the 16-digit ID of the fisherman on the check sheet and inquire through the 16-digit ID, the guaranteed check and make sure that the check Registered and approved in his favor.

He specified: the issuer or the applicant of the guaranteed check does not need to refer to the fisherman’s system for registration and approval, because this action is done directly by the issuing bank.

According to Fars, in order to increase public access to new check services, the Central Bank has already made it possible to register, approve, transfer and inquire about new checks by sending a text message to Census Provided 4040701701. Accordingly, dear compatriots can send a text message to this without text Census Receive a guide to check services.

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