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Gulf Online: Why is Saudi Arabia afraid of the US withdrawal and the Taliban?

“Al-Saud is currently facing a worrying situation in Afghanistan, as the ruling family of Saudi Arabia, like the previous Afghan government, relies on the United States to protect itself from foreign enemies and internal threats,” Miles was quoted as saying by Al-Khaleej Online news website on Monday. has done.

On the other hand, Christine Coates Ulrichsen, a Middle East expert and member of the Baker Center for Public Policy Science at Rice University, noted that the attacks on Aramco, a giant Saudi oil company, in September 2019 led to security guarantees from Washington to Riyadh is highly questionable.

Christine added that the US’s unexpected turnaround on its partners in Afghanistan was widely reflected among US regional allies, which again cast doubt on the White House’s motives and the security assurances provided by Washington to its allies.

In this regard, Neil Quilliam, a Middle East affairs analyst at the Chatham House Science Center, predicted that the Taliban would challenge the legitimacy of Al Saud by launching a campaign and calling on the Saudi people directly.

“How the United States is withdrawing from Afghanistan is a matter of concern to Saudi Arabia,” Quilliam said. It was dangerous for the Saudi leaders.

“The Taliban are likely to face Saudi Arabia, and cross-border armed groups such as al-Qaeda may once again threaten Saudi Arabia from Afghanistan,” he said.

Reuters quoted a foreign diplomat in Riyadh as saying that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman might use the situation in Afghanistan to predict that Saudi Arabia would take a pragmatic approach.

“The Saudis have a historical relationship with the Taliban and will eventually have to accept the group again because they have no choice,” the diplomat said.

According to Al-Khaleej Online, what has strengthened such a possibility is that the Taliban practically took the approach of establishing relations with the United States in 2019, and in this regard, Jalaluddin Shinwari, the former Deputy Minister of Justice of the Taliban, in an interview with the newspaper “We are telling the Americans that you have accepted Saudi Arabia, we will not do more than what is stated in the Saudi constitution, and we will retaliate against the killer and cut off the hand of the thief,” the New York Times said. You who have accepted Saudi Arabia, then why do not you accept us?

Accordingly, according to Hugh Miles, a Middle East analyst and expert, the Taliban can hope to have the same relationship with the United States as the Saudis enjoy, but in spite of all this, the US-Saudi relationship is quite What the United States has with Afghanistan is different.

According to the report, the United States will by no means withdraw from Saudi Arabia like Afghanistan, because Washington and its Western allies, in addition to Saudi oil wealth and ensuring Israel’s security, want any formal Arab regimes ready to recognize Israel. , Especially Saudi Arabia to cooperate. On the other hand, the withdrawal of the United States from Saudi Arabia will cause the Saudi regime to lose control of the two holy shrines in Mecca and Medina in favor of al-Qaeda or other armed groups.

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