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Haj Ghasem’s gift to the producer of “My Son Rasool” / Emphasis on caring for parents

According to Fars News Agency, Nazaninen Pirkari in the “Hello Tehran” program, referring to her great interest in producing, said: “I started this work by documenting and now I am active in producing in the field of dramatic works.”

The producer of the film, my son Rasool, stated that at one point all the plans that I presented to the film and series group of Channel 5 were rejected, and the last time the director of the film and series group of the network said that we could not be at your service, he clarified: a short video I made a heart for Haj Qasim, which was broadcast on Ofogh.

I immediately told Haj Qasim that I was asking for a gift to make sure you saw the documentary. After that, I suddenly received a message from Mr. Rezvani to read a plan. When I read it, I realized that it is about Hajj Qasim; I called Mr. Rezvani crying and explained the situation to him and said that it was a good thing.

Nabi Gholizadeh, the director of my son Rasoul, said about the idea of ​​this work: “Last year, a documentary was broadcast on the news network about Haj Qasim, in one of which he was playing a local game with the old men of his father’s village.” This was very warm and friendly and I felt good. In December of last year, I was offered to write a screenplay that we had to get from the village to the city. After consulting with a friend, we decided to make a feature film and tell the story of Rasool, a teenage boy who goes to Kerman to get his father’s medicine, and there he encounters the body of Haj Qasim. He used to remember Haj Qasim and meet people who also knew Sardar. The moral message of this film is Haj Qasim’s emphasis on caring for his parents.

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The director said that in the office of the film and serial group of Panj Sima, our eyes were on experimental cinema and we thought that the telefilm might not receive much feedback from the audience. has done. Of course, every film has its strengths and weaknesses, but the feedback of my son Rasool was good in cinemas.

In response to the question of the host of the art desk of the “Hello Tehran” program regarding his participation in the movement for the love of Haj Qasem, he said: “I will give 3 books to 3 people as a gift to Sardar Delha and for his happiness.”

Nazanin Pirkari, in response to the question whether you would accept such an offer again or not, emphasized: I will definitely accept it; What a greater honor than that art serve such subjects. In my opinion, anything simple can make Hajj Qasim happy, even the behavior of a mother who looks after her child lovingly at home.

“Hello Tehran” program is the morning program of the social group of Panj Sima channel, which is from Saturday to Thursday from 6:30 to 9:00 AM with different sections such as political, social, economic, cultural and sports, performed by Mostafa Emami, Sedigheh Moradi and Farbod Shokraei on the network. Five goes.

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