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Hashemie Mottagian was nominated to be introduced in the World Magazine of Sports Writers Association

According to Fars news agency, in the 23rd meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association of Sports Writers, Journalists and Photographers of Iran, the names of athletes proposed for introduction to the magazine of the World Association of Sports Writers were announced.

According to Isja, during this meeting and according to the request of the World Association of Sports Writers to introduce 3 female and 3 male Iranian athletes in 2022, in the Paralympic sports section, Hashemie Motaghian, the national team of Parado and field team and the golden champion of the game The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games have been suggested for introduction in this magazine.

Other names introduced in the women’s section include Elham Hosseini in weightlifting and Nazanin Melai in rowing.

Also, in the men’s section, Mehdi Taremi in the field of football, Kamran Qasimpour in the field of wrestling and Reza Dehdar in the field of weightlifting have been introduced.

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