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Paying attention to the dramatic structure in the introduction of prominent martyrs/Barmahani: the screenplay of Martyr Nader Mahdavi is in the rewriting stage

According to Fars news agency, in the meeting of the Deputy Directors Council of the Broadcasting Center at the Holy Defense Documentation and Research Center, which was held in the presence of Sardar Dr. Ali Mohammad Naini, the head of the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center, and Mohsen Barmahani, the deputy director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, and the managers of the networks and this center, Using as much as possible the valuable and documented treasure of the sacred defense of this center was emphasized in Sima’s works with an executive and operational purpose.

In this meeting, Mohsen Barmahani, Vice President of Sima, said: “During my visit with Dr. Peyman Jabali, Director of Sedavasima, to the Holy Defense Documentation and Research Center, I realized that despite the existence of authentic documents and documents of this center, unfortunately, we were not able to properly use this rich capacity.” Take the necessary interest.

*Creating epic table and resistance in radio and television

He added: We are trying to fix these weaknesses and deficiencies by creating the table of epics and resistance, and in this way, we need more interaction and synergy with collections such as the Center for Documents and Research of Holy Defense to produce works with more impact. to have

Referring to the plans and ideas of programming in different formats and structures with the subject of imposed war, Barmani said: a road map should be designed with the management and planning of the specialized desk and with the coordination of the networks, based on which to broadcast the unsaid and pristine issues of the sacred defense. Be programmed according to each network.

*3 screenplays of prominent martyrs in the rewriting and research stage

The vice president of Sima added: The connection and the way of exploiting the contents and researches of this collection, including the oral history repository, interviews, compilations, etc., should be permanently and comprehensively addressed by the “Epic and Resistance” desk in order to We can take advantage of it.

Barmahani pointed out: We pay attention to the effective structure of the show in introducing prominent martyrs, for example, the life of martyr Nader Mahdavi is currently being rewritten in the Sima script office, and the script of martyrs Hassan Bagheri and Sayad Shirazi is in the research stage.

* Necessity of constant communication between radio and television and the Holy Defense Documents Center

In this meeting, Sardar Ali Mohammad Naini also recognized the need for permanent and comprehensive communication between the Broadcasting Organization and the Holy Defense Documentation and Research Center and said: researchers, researchers, screenwriters can use both the produced works and the treasure of the documentary and audio archives of the Documentation and Research Center. use the holy defense to get the necessary benefits to produce great works.

Designing and preparing event-oriented or operation-oriented documentary programs, designing and preparing programs for introducing and criticizing reference books, producing a history calendar program for the holy defense, writing a screenplay adapted from the center’s books, person-oriented and topic-oriented documentaries were among the topics that the managers of the document center And the investigations of Holy Defense and Sima dealt with it.

It should be mentioned that before the beginning of this meeting, the members of the Council of Deputy Directors of Sima visited the different departments of the Holy Defense Documents and Research Center and were closely informed about the capacities and treasures of the Holy Defense Documents.

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