Hassan Yazdani and Kamran Ghasempour advance to the final – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, the second day of the Cup freestyle wrestling بولات Torlikhanov And the ranking of the World Union is being held this morning in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where our representatives in the weights of 86 and 92 kg competed against their opponents. اند.

Accordingly, the results of our country’s representatives at the end of the preliminary stage are as follows:

In the weight of 86 kg, Hassan Yazdani won in the first round with a result of 12: 0 اردین Defeated Turkey. He won the next round and in the semi-final stage with a result of 11: 1 Dolatbekov He defeated Kazakhstan and advanced to the final. Yazdani in this match against Boris Makoev He leaves Slovakia.

In the weight of 92 kg with the presence of 6 wrestlers in two groups 3 Individual And it is held periodically, Kamran Ghasempour defeated Wiki from India in the first wrestling with a result of 10: 0. In his second match with a result of 10 to zero and a technical blow to Islam back Elias F. He defeated Kazakhstan and advanced to the semifinals. Qasempour in this stage against Abdi مناف بایگنجیف Kazakhstan won 11-0 and advanced to the finals.

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