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So far, we have not had any restrictions on electricity supply

Mohammad Yaser Taybnia in an interview with Fars News Agency economic reporter, referring to the stable supply of electricity in the last 2.5 months since the beginning of 1401, said: “Until now, no restrictions have been imposed on the supply of electricity to Mobarakeh Steel in Isfahan.”

Explaining the conditions for receiving electricity from the company as a large industry, the CEO of Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan said: The energy required for Mobarakeh Steel has been fully supplied and electricity consumption management programs will be implemented in coordination with the provincial and headquarters officials.

* Electricity industry strives for full coordination with industries

Comparing the conditions of electricity supply this year compared to last year, he added: “The electricity industry is trying to apply consumption management in full coordination this year, but naturally no industry is completely satisfied with the limitations.”

Referring to the actions of the electricity industry in order to compensate for the implementation of consumption management policies in the hot season, Taybnia said: “We have tried to compensate the energy consumption of summer management in other months of the year with coordination as much as possible.”

* Major repairs of Mobarakeh Steel have been transferred to the hot season

Comparing the conditions of electricity supply to industries this year and last year, the CEO of Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan said: “I am consulting to experience better conditions than last year.”

Referring to the measures proposed by the Ministry of Energy, such as transferring overhaul to consumption management time in the hot season, Taybunia said: .

According to Fars, a spokesman for the electricity industry had previously announced a 10 percent increase in electricity supply for industries in the first 2.5 months of this year compared to last year.

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