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Head of Food and Drug Organization: Government hospitals have low productivity

According to Fars News Agency’s health group, Seyed Haider Mohammadi, the head of the Food and Drug Organization, at the opening of the first Iran Smart Health Congress focusing on the intelligent management of hospital equipment and design, stated: Eighty percent of the country’s hospitals are government-owned and these centers have low productivity. Or they are losers.

He stated that a major part of the problems of government hospitals is related to the field of credits, and added: Many other factors are also effective in the occurrence of this low productivity, but this situation can be changed by focusing on management issues and using new management models. .

The Deputy Minister of Health emphasized: In the management of a hospital, we should benefit from experts in the field of management and economics and pursue the issue of increasing productivity in medical centers as an economic enterprise.

The head of the Food and Drug Organization continued: I hope that by using all modern and smart tools, we will reach the highest level of productivity in the health system, and Iran’s Smart Health Congress can definitely help in achieving this goal.

He stated that new smart systems improve productivity in medical centers and added: These systems help to provide services to people with greater speed and quality.

Mohammadi pointed out: We have made good achievements in the field of medical and hospital equipment, and currently dialysis machines, CT scan, linear accelerator, etc. are being manufactured inside the country with the benefit of knowledge-based companies.

Referring to some shortages in 1399 and 1400, the head of the Food and Drug Organization added: “During the Corona epidemic, after a short period of time, we were able to solve many shortages by relying on domestic production and export some items to other countries.”

He said: In the field of the production and distribution chain of medicine and medical equipment, good management dashboards have been designed and will be unveiled soon. This system helps to increase the speed of supply of the required items as well as the transparency of the supply chain.

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