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Heavy rain in 17 provinces of the country and increasing wave height in the Persian Gulf

According to Moj News Agency, the Meteorological Organization has issued an orange warning, pointing to the intensification of the rain system: the occurrence of rain showers, thunderstorms, hail-prone areas, strong winds, in areas prone to temporary dust rise tomorrow (5 May) for the provinces of East Azerbaijan, South West Azerbaijan, South Ardabil, Zanjan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Lorestan, Hamedan, Qazvin, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, the northern half of Khuzestan and East Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Tuesday (May 6) for the provinces Ardabil, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Ilam, Zanjan, Hamedan, Markazi, Qazvin, Alborz, Tehran, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, North and East Khuzestan and Yazd and Wednesday (May 7) for the provinces of Ardabil, Azerbaijan East, West Azerbaijan, West Kurdistan, North Zanjan, Golestan and North Khorasan are forecast.

Due to the prevailing weather conditions, flooding of roads, sudden rise in river water levels, runoff in the canals, the possibility of lightning strikes, slippery roads, temporary dust storms and reduced visibility, damage to temporary structures, breaking of worn trees and damage to agriculture It is not far from expectation, therefore, the Meteorological Organization to refrain from stopping along rivers and riverbeds, avoid mountaineering activities and relocation of nomads, clearing the mouths of bridges and estates, caution in intercity traffic, strength of temporary structures such as billboards, etc. The car park, along with dilapidated trees and half-finished buildings, recommends no grazing and no spraying on farms.

The Meteorological Organization has issued a yellow warning about the intrusion of the precipitation system into different parts of the country. , Southern half of Ardabil, West Kurdistan, Kermanshah, West Lorestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Northeast Khuzestan, Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan, Alborz, Tehran, Qazvin, Gilan and West Mazandaran and Monday (May 5) in West Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Gilan, West Mazandaran, Alborz, Tehran, Qom, Markazi, Semnan Heights, Isfahan, West Yazd, North Khorasan Razavi, Khuzestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and the northern half of Fars are expected.

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These weather conditions on Tuesday (May 6) for the provinces of Semnan, the northern half of Fars, Khuzestan, Gilan, Mazandaran, North Khorasan, Isfahan, Khorasan Razavi, North South Khorasan, North Kerman and Bushehr and

Wednesday (May 27) is forecast for Lorestan, Hamedan, Markazi, Qazvin, Alborz, Tehran, Qom, Semnan, Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan, North Kerman and North Khuzestan provinces.

In this weather situation, there is a possibility of sudden rise in water level of rivers and canals, the possibility of lightning and hail, the possibility of local flooding, the possibility of temporary dust and local visibility and the possibility of damage to temporary structures and caution against any traffic. It is recommended to stop on the banks of rivers and canals, avoid mountaineering activities and relocation of nomadic tribes, be careful in grazing livestock and refrain from spraying on farms.

The Meteorological Organization issued a yellow warning to increase wind speeds and wave heights of up to 1 meter on the coast and up to 1.5 meters off the coast of the Persian Gulf and in Bushehr province from early to late Tuesday (May 26).

In these weather conditions, there is a possibility of damage to pleasure boats and light vessels, the possibility of damage to the cages and the rupture of fishing nets and the possibility of damage to marine facilities, so the Meteorological Organization Recommend the necessary measures to prevent any damage.

The orange color warning of the Meteorological Organization predicts that weather phenomena will have negative effects and cause possible damage. The orange alert is issued to prepare the responsible devices to deal with a harmful phenomenon. The yellow alert means that atmospheric phenomena will occur that may interfere with travel and daily activities. This warning is issued to raise public awareness so that they can be prepared to deal with atmospheric phenomena that are slightly more severe than usual. Officials, on the other hand, are aware of these warnings so that they can take action if necessary.

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