Hebrew newspaper: The Lebanese branch of Hamas has strengthened its military capabilities

According to Fars News Agency’s International Service, referring to the recent rocket attack from southern Lebanon on the occupied territories, Hebrew sources attribute the move to the Lebanese branch of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement and say that the Lebanese branch of Hamas has expanded its military capabilities in recent years. Is.

Hebrew and Lebanese media reported on Sunday that two rockets were fired from southern Lebanon at areas around a Zionist town in northern occupied Palestine. Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed reported that the Tel Aviv army was on high alert for the fear of missiles, with 1,400 troops stationed near occupied Jerusalem; In addition, 12 other battalions of Zionist militias have been deployed along the Green Line.

Electronic Newspaper «My vote today(, Today (Tuesday), addressed this issue in a report and wrote: “Israel has made no effort to monitor Hamas’ military arsenal and improve its punctuation. [تسلیحات] This arsenal does not give up because it knows full well that the “new and highly advanced weapons” provided to the movement will be used in the future military confrontation between the Gaza resistance and the occupiers. Tel Aviv circles do not hide their fear of increasing the quantity and quality of Hamas power [به‌نحوی که] This issue sleeps in the eyes of decision-making organizations [فلسطین] “It has been occupied.”

The media added that the right-wing and extremist newspaper “McCurry Rishon” in the Occupied Territories recently published a report on the issue. [حضور] Hamas is concentrated in Lebanon, and in its latest report claims that “Hamas has increased its activities in Lebanon in accordance with Iranian orders and has the support of Hezbollah in carrying out these activities.” Referring to this part of the report, Rai Al-Youm newspaper added that the Hebrew media’s confession about the increase in Hamas activities in Lebanon is in line with this year’s report on the occupied territories; The report, which emphasized that Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are at the forefront of enemies and challenges that have taken sleep from Tel Aviv’s eyes.

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The Israeli Internal Security Institute (INSS) submitted its annual report to Israeli President Ishaq Herzog earlier this year, stating that Iran remains the biggest foreign challenge for Tel Aviv. Paying attention to the progress of Iran’s nuclear program, alone and practically unable to deal with this country.

The think tank also warned in its annual report that Iran was continuing its regional activities, including the pervasive Tel Aviv threat, by developing a missile program of Hezbollah and other groups based in Syria, as well as thousands of missiles, rockets and drones. Which are able to infiltrate occupied Palestine.

According to Al-Youm, the Makoor Rishon newspaper quoted “some high-ranking security sources in Tel Aviv” as saying that the missiles fired from Lebanon at Israel yesterday morning (Monday) were specifically from the village of Ras al-Ain. “Shots were fired from the city of Tire in southern Lebanon; “This is where the Hamas headquarters in Lebanon are located.”

According to the report, in connection with the attack, McCurry Rishon referred to the research of a scientific-research center called “Ulama”, which specializes in examining the challenges of advancing Tel Aviv on the northern borders, and stated that the center has conducted research on Hamas activities in Lebanon. It has found that, like the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, Hamas operates equally at the military and civilian levels in Lebanon, defining itself as “the guardian of Palestinian interests in Lebanon.”

The Hebrew newspaper also claims that Hamas is militarily under the command of a larger command center based in Turkey and Lebanon, called the “Maktab al-Banna al-Tabaa al-Lahmas” (Hamas-affiliated al-Banna office), which is responsible for empowering The military in the region is responsible for intelligence, training, guidance, communications, finance, planning, logistics and foreign relations.

Makoor Rishon further added that the command center itself is responsible for the activities carried out by two executive units called the “North Unit” and the “Khalid Ali” unit. According to this claim, these two units are active in recruiting and preparing them for various missions, including training snipers, training to fire anti-tank missiles, launching drones, etc., and to develop and produce weapons, form executive groups and prepare Pays for field maps.

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Noting that Hezbollah continues to support Hamas, the Hebrew media quoted sources as saying that the common factor in the survival of relations between the Lebanese Hezbollah movement and the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement is due to the common interests between them, including Palestinian ideology.

McCurry also claims that in March 2018, a statement was sent from the northern unit to al-Banna’s office, which described Hamas’s turnover and directly referred to sniper training and military camps.

The Hebrew newspaper further claimed that Al-Banna’s officials are based in Turkey and Lebanon, and that a person named “Majid Qader Mahmoud Qader”, born in 1966, is the head of this organization and lives in Istanbul. Recently, security reasons were transferred to Lebanon. Is.

The report goes on to say that Qadir is the man who managed the idea of ​​secret operations against Tel Aviv from Lebanon and Syria, and that a person named “Mohammad Ibrahim Salem” born in 1947, who also lives in Istanbul, Turkey, is his deputy and head of the department. The instrument is in charge of this office.

Regarding the construction sector, McCurry said that this sector is generally a technical support sector and deals with the development, construction of rockets, offensive drones.

In the final part of its report, the Hebrew media, citing sources it calls security, claims that Mohammad Ibrahim Salem, a mechanical engineer, is one of the pioneers in the development of short-range missiles of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, and at the same time the responsibility of the Development and Research Unit. Is responsible for improving the targeting of missiles, drones and suicide submarines, and “construction workshops.” [تجهیزات] Established in Lebanon ”and manages technology purchases.

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