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The standard license of car manufacturers became one month

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, Mehdi Islampanah, on the Jahanara TV program, condemning the founders of the current situation in the country’s automobile industry, especially in the last 8 years; “The car industry in the country needs a deep autopsy,” he said.

He said that the government should withdraw from entrepreneurship: The opinion of the thirteenth government is that the government should leave entrepreneurship in the field of automobiles and have a more serious involvement in the discussion of supervision.

The head of the National Standard Organization of Iran called for the support of revolutionary journalists to demand the people and said: “We know that the people’s patience is exhausted and therefore in the discussion of car quality, we will not fall short to restore the lost trust.”
Dr. Islampanah, referring to the evolutionary approach of the standard organization in the automobile debate, which has been key since January of last year, added: We cut the quality monitors so as not to cause corruption.

Islampanah added: In the same approach The standard license application for automakers, which was two years old, has been reduced to one month to be continuously monitored.

The head of the National Standards Organization of Iran, referring to the commitment taken from the car manufacturers, said: “According to that, we have made a commitment from the car manufacturers.

In response to the fact that if the standards are not observed, the standard license will not be given to the cars, he said: “Yes, it is definitely true, we will not give a license.”

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In this program, the head of the National Standard Organization of Iran announced his agreement to import cars to create a competitive environment and considered having a safe and quality car as the right of the people.

Reacting to the remarks of Rahoor Naja police regarding the discussion of car standards, Islampanah said: “There have been issues related to cars for many years, but why have some people started criticizing in the last few months?” While they have 18 tasks that they are required to perform.
He continued: “If the police have something to say about the quality of cars, why do they give the wrong address when we, as the only technical organization in the system, have entered the field and started operations? They say we will stop these cars, if they could.” Why didn’t they take it now?

Referring to the Behbahan chain accident, the head of the National Standards Organization of Iran stated: “Failure to open the car airbags is definitely condemned and no defense can be taken from the car manufacturers. .

Islampanah stated that our car industry is not technological: If we have technological production and the mafia behind the scenes is cut off, our car industry can change.

According to the head of the National Standard Organization of Iran, it is unlikely that this year we will not be able to produce fully standard fuel or a car that can consume 4 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Emphasizing the innovation in the country’s automotive industry, he said: “Some cars that are produced with the Pride platform and can not pass the 85 standards will definitely be phased out.”

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Referring to the cessation of production of unsafe and low-quality cars, Islampanah said: “By the end of this year, most of the current products will be removed from the production cycle and cars must be replaced in accordance with current world standards.”

The head of the National Standard Organization of Iran, introducing the cars whose production line has been stopped, said: “These cars include all kinds of passenger cars, intercity and suburban buses, trucks, vans and vans.”

He pointed out: “We, as the advocate of the people, do not fall short in defending the rights of the people, which is the right of the people, and we adhere to our obligations to the people.”

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