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According to Mehr News Agency, Tayyebeh Rabbani in the introductory ceremony held in the porch of Hazrat Khadijeh, peace be upon her, the holy shrine of Our Lady of Dignity, said that during Ashura, women practically showed that in Islam a woman can maintain Islamic values ​​in various social areas. To have a physical presence and create the greatest epic, he said: The current of Ashura does not show the weakness and inability of women compared to men, but during this epic, the power and high position of women in helping Imam Masoom is portrayed.

The education expert of Astan Moghaddas, the Lady of Dignity, continued: “According to Islam, a woman is the source of peace and tranquility, and by appearing in various roles (mother, wife, child and sister) in the family and society, she can create peace and eliminate worries.”

He stated that the role of women is manifested in the procession and tent of Imam Hussein (as), and specified: The role of Hazrat Zainab (as) as a messenger and supporter in Karbala is obvious and this role becomes more prominent during Ashura. So much so that this role in the sermon of Hazrat Zainab, peace be upon him, in Kufa and Sham has been very obvious and important, so that if it were not for the eloquence and epic of the Lady of Karbala, Hazrat Zainab, peace be upon him, in the famous saying, “Karbala would remain in Karbala if it were not for Zainab.” There is no trace of Karbala in religious thought due to the expansion of Yazid’s propaganda machine.

Referring to the role of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) in guarding the children of Imam Hussein (AS) and the support and assistance of Imam Sajjad (AS) after Ashura, Rabbani added: Hazrat Zainab (AS) while guarding the family of Imam Hussein (AS) and helping Imam Sajjad (AS) with a speech And the expression of fiery words and feelings as the mother and sister of the martyr created an epic and humiliated and humiliated Yazid in the palace at the party he had organized, so that Yazid deeply regretted what he had done and turned Yazid’s feast into the mourning assembly of Imam Hussein (as). شد.

He said: “The role of women in reviving high values ​​and religious culture in society is no different from men and is similar to men, and Islam does not distinguish between men and women in human dignity and the revival of religious values ​​in society.”

According to Imam Hussein (as), the purpose of Ashura Husseini was to revive Islamic, prophetic and Quranic values ​​in a society in which these original values ​​had been diminished.

He continued: The incident of Ashura and the presence of women from the shrine alongside Imam Hussein (as) and other companions of the Imam shows that if the original religious values ​​are harmed in society, there is no difference between men and women in reviving these values ​​and men and women should Stand up to revive these values, even if the cost of reviving these genuine religious values ​​is the life, property and captivity of the family and being mutilated by the enemy and the dancing of horses on the human body.

Rabbani, stating that peace, moral health and a morsel are lawful مأمن The upbringing and upbringing of children and Hosseini’s generation is, he added: the shaky and abnormal family will never be a safe place for the upbringing and upbringing of ruthless and vigilant children.

The education expert of Astan Moghaddas called the Lady of Dignity, Hayat Tayyeba or Islamic lifestyle as one of the most important messages of Hosseini movement and said: “The enemies with all their propaganda power with the media element called civilization They seek to weaken the family system, because the family adorned with the Islamic way of life is the most important element in confronting the oppression and arrogance of the enemies.

He continued: The enemy is able to continue his arrogant domination and illegitimate rule over countries and people only by destroying the Islamic way of life and destroying the character of religious morality in families; Therefore, families must be careful not to fall into the propaganda trap of the enemies in the name of civilized life, civilization and human rights.

Rabbani said: Attending the mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein (as) insures the children against the temptations of the devil and the media attack of the enemies of Islam; Therefore, mothers who attend the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) circles by embracing their children from an early age and childhood, and Hazrat Zahra, peace be upon him, has become a role model in their lives and role models, were able to have children such as Qasim Soleimani, Shahid Chamran and Shahid Sayad. Train Shirazi.

He added: “To be more precise, mothers who behave like Fatimids in their lives raise children who, following Imam Hussein (as), walk the hundred-year-old path overnight.”

The education expert of the Holy Throne of Lady Dignity reminded: In this era when the enemy seeks the destruction of hijab and chastity, promoting hijab and chastity and modesty is one of the duties of revolutionary women because hijab, chastity and modesty are effective factors in maintaining the family system and society. It is healthy for healthy families to live in it.


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