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Historical monuments of Kurdistan, reminiscent of the glory of Iranian architecture

On the one hand, the beliefs and customs of the dear people of Kurdistan are famous to all people. On the other hand, the existence of tourist attractions and sights in this province has attracted a lot of tourists.

People who travel and get acquainted with all parts of Iran know well that there is a province on the western border of our country that can be boldly called the flagship of the western provinces. Kurdistan is one of the provinces to which many travelers go every year. Kurdistan, which is famous for its long and colorful women’s shirts, hospitality and love of its people and its sweet and beautiful dialect, is one of the most beautiful provinces of Iran in terms of natural beauty and historical buildings and is one of the first choices that tourists choose. Their unique beauty, they are going to this land for the second time.

Spectacular and unique buildings, each of which narrates a corner of history. Buildings that still stand tall and majestic despite the aging dust and age-old wrinkles on their bodies

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