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Holding a meeting of the Council of Technical Assistants of Insurance Institutions

According to the financial news report, citing the public relations of the Iran Insurers’ Syndicate, in this meeting, Mrs. Sharfi, the secretary of the freight insurance working group of the Insurers’ Syndicate, presented issues such as the formulation of the general conditions of domestic freight, the amendment of bylaws 79, the amendment of bylaws 89-86. and customs procedures, classification of insurance fields and normal weight deduction, and also presented a report on the activities of the cargo insurance specialized working group.

Next, Nemati pointed out regarding the legal requirement according to paragraph g of note 16 as well as the law of the 6th development program of the country related to the obligation of insurance companies to use electronic versions: Central Insurance in this regard with regard to technical measures and meetings with the Ministry of Health , send the data received from this organization to the insurance companies and ask the insurance companies to immediately send the analysis and feedback of the sent documents to the Central Insurance.

At the end, Khosrowjerdi emphasized on the requirement of electronic prescriptions and the cooperation of insurance companies and presented issues related to non-life insurance regulatory issues and answered the questions of the technical assistants.

It should be noted that the Council of Technical Assistants of Insurance Institutions is one of the most effective working groups of the Syndicate of Iranian Insurers.

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