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How to choose student marriage mediators in universities – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

In a conversation with Mehr reporter, Hojjatul Islam Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi said about the selection of family experts and student marriage mediators on the Hamrasan site: the offices of the leadership representative body in universities across the country selected and introduced these people, who are family experts themselves, and then interviewed them. It has been implemented and training courses have been held for them.

He continued: These people do not introduce students to each other, but Samameh introduces them and these people follow up, conduct interviews, contact the students’ families and introduce them to the counselor. They also do the introduction, that is, they are next to two students who are going to get married, God willing.

The Director General of Family and Marriage Organization of Leadership Representation in Universities added: Step by step, they are dealing with these students so that they can reach a certain result.

He continued: These mediators have recently started their work and their training course is over. Currently, in the whole country, 1500 of these people have completed preliminary training and about 64 of these people have completed additional training and will be deployed in each province, now Samaneh Bank is being completed.

Hashemi added: We will also have a TV advertisement. Once the introductions are made, this cycle will slowly move.

According to Mehr report, Hojjatul Islam Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi, Director General of Family and Marriage Organization of Supreme Leader’s Representation in Universities, had previously mentioned the launch of Hamrasan site and said: Hamrasan site is another action of Leadership Representation Organization in universities in order to facilitate student marriages. Is. It is decided to create a suitable center for the marriage of students in all universities while keeping all the concerns of families.

The Head of Family and Marriage Management of Supreme Leader’s Representation in Universities added: Intermediaries and counselors join the site, and students who are eligible for marriage are taken a matching test, and their tests and information are re-checked by counselors, and if the information is appropriate, Families are introduced for further actions.

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