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Holding a meeting of the monitoring committee of Gharz al-Hasna Shahed Fund

According to the monetary and financial news, quoting the public relations of Gharz al-Hasna Shahed Fund, the meeting of the monitoring committee was held in the presence of Islam Karimi, CEO and member of the board, members of the board and staff managers of Gharz al-Hasna Shahed Fund.
At the beginning of the meeting, the CEO of Gharz-ul-Hasna Shahed, referring to the importance of using the monitoring committee in moving the fund forward and development, said: The situation in the Gharz al-Hasna fund is a witness.
Dr. Karimi added: “The monitoring committee, with its accurate and expert work, can chart the path of further growth and development of the fund, so that by using it, services and actions worthy of the honorable families of martyrs and martyrs can be determined.” .
After the speeches of the CEO of Gharz al-Hasna Shahed Fund, Mohsen Rezaei Abed, Director of Information Technology and Secretary of the Monitoring Committee, presented a report on the conditions governing Gharz al-Hasna Funds in the country and compared them with Gharz al-Hasna Shahed Fund. The board of directors and staff managers expressed their views and opinions regarding the report.
The responsibility of the monitoring committee of Gharz al-Hasna Shahed Fund is with Goodarz Ali Bakhshi, Advisor to the CEO.
In the final part of the meeting of the Monitoring Committee, Islam Karimi, referring to the importance of forming a partnership and attracting resources in the structure of Gharz al-Hasna Shahed Fund, Mr. Reza Shabahari, Ebrahim Mohseni, Mohsen Rezaei Abed, Mehrdad Molavi, Abdullah Abbasi, Mohammad Taifeh Erayifard and Mojtaba Appointed Abbasi Ghadi as Reza Shabahari as a member of the Fund’s Partnership and Resource Acquisition Working Group to carry out studies and preparations for the establishment of a Partnership and Resource Recruitment Office in the structure of the Gharz al-Hasna Shahed Fund.
This working group was obliged to submit its full report to the CEO and members of the Board of Directors on 21 May.

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