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Holding a World Heritage Celebration in Bam

Aria Heritage Report and quoting the public relations of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts of Kerman province, Mohsen Ghasemi on July 1, 1401 in the coordination and planning meeting for World Heritage Week in Bam, on the occasion of July 17, the anniversary of Bam Citadel and its cultural landscape, with the governor The mayor of this city stated: “A large number of historical, cultural and natural monuments of Iran are displayed in the list of world monuments, which shows the antiquity of this ancient land.”

The director of Bam World Heritage Site and its cultural landscape added: “Today, the protection of historical monuments and natural assets in different countries is necessary and undeniable for all people of the world, because each of these monuments is part of the stages of human development today. “Human evolution in the world alone is not possible.”

He continued: “UNESCO has created a connecting chain between different countries by recording outstanding historical, cultural and natural monuments from different parts of the world, and has made the preservation of these treasures a must for all human beings.”

“People all over the world, regardless of race, religion or mirror, must work to preserve the culture and civilization of the world for future generations,” said the director of the Bam World Heritage Site and its cultural landscape.

“The registration of Iranian historical, natural and cultural monuments in UNESCO is part of the great wealth of this country, which today has a special place among history buffs around the world,” he said.

The director of Bam World Heritage Site and its cultural landscape pointed to the existence of 26 world registered works in Iran and said: “The world registration of historical monuments in Bam is in the form of a file entitled Bam Citadel and its cultural landscape.”

“Every year, the World Heritage Festival is held in Bam, which was delayed for two years due to an epidemic, and this year, a special program is held again to protect this great world event,” Ghasemi added.

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