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According to Mehr News Agency, Pejman Dorostkar, the head coach of the national adult freestyle wrestling team, said about the international wrestling competitions of the Bolat Torlikhanov Cup: We were sending the international tournament before the final stage of the national team selection cycle, we decided to participate in these competitions.

He continued: “Of course, the competitions were mediocre, but it was satisfactory for us because our wrestlers, except for Firoozpour, had been away from the official competitions for almost 8 months, and we intended to start them in such competitions.”

Drastkar clarified about the performance of four representatives of our country sent to these competitions: Yazdani, Ghasempour and Zare were away from the official fields for 8 months and the tension was not with their foreign opponents. Have good physical condition and strength, and you all saw that our wrestlers did not have a problem in this regard in competitions.

The head coach of the national wrestling team said about Amir Hossein Zare’s performance: “Maybe no one knows the details of Zare’s injury, but our heavyweight had a problem with the sole of the foot two months ago and did not train hard at all and was undergoing treatment for his foot.” . But in the camps, we had planned exercises for him so that he would not lose his physical fitness.

He continued: “Maybe some of the friends we consult for work were against Zare’s participation in these competitions, but my opinion was that with the planning that has been done, he should participate in this tournament, because maybe there is another opportunity for this.” The work could not be achieved.

Dorostkar stated: Of course, I am satisfied with the performance of the farmer in these competitions, and those who are experts and know-how know that if a wrestler is away from the field for 2 months and has not practiced wrestling, he will not have the necessary endurance in the ground. He will return to his previous condition after complete recovery and wrestling training.

The head coach of the national team said about the presence of Amir Hossein Firoozpour in the weight of 97 kg: Firoozpour had won the gold medal in the Asian championship and in the weight of 92 kg and was allowed to participate in the final stage of the cycle. The idea was to build a wrestler and Firoozpour also weighed about 93 kg, so we decided to send him to these competitions to gain more experience.

Dorostkar said about Hassan Yazdani’s performance: Yazdani, like other people, was away from the field for 8 months and in these competitions, he defeated two world runners-up and an Asian champion with excellent results.

He continued: Yazdani, like other wrestlers, was physically in excellent condition, while he is also very mature in wrestling and is in control of his work, and this tournament was for the purpose of being able to compete after a long time. It was far away, it was tested against the opponents and the selection cycle of the national team in this weight was also observed.

The head coach of the national team said about Kamran Ghasempour: Kamran Ghasempour has made good progress compared to last year and in terms of physical fitness, his condition is better than before, we have somehow planned his preparation process over the past few months. We made sure that his weight increased in accordance with his physical fitness so that he could fit well in this weight.

Drastkar continued: The wrestling that Ghasempour took in these competitions was very technical and beautiful, and the necessary freshness and awakening was evident in his performance.

The head coach of the national team, referring to the continuation of the technical programs of the national freestyle wrestling team, said: “We are facing the Throne Cup in Tonekabon on Thursday and Friday this week. I am also present in the competitions and I will closely monitor the competitions.” These competitions are considered as another stage of the national team selection cycle, and according to what is given in the cycle, some people will be selected in these competitions and others will participate in the selection competitions that we planned in July.

Drastkar added: “Of course, the final stage of our selection cycle can be both domestic and in a foreign competition. The wrestling federation is formed during a meeting and all our decisions are made with collective wisdom and considering all aspects.

The head coach of the national wrestling team said that no one has been selected from now on, adding: “The performance of the wrestlers in the selection cycle of the national team and their success is the main criterion for our selection, but if someone wants to think that he has already been selected, it is not because for us.” It is very important to observe military discipline, regular training and ethics, and a wrestler must meet all the conditions to be selected as a national player.

Asked how wrestlers’ physical fitness is maintained and enhanced during regular camps, Drastkar said: “We have a highly specialized advisory group and a team of colleagues with us, Dr. Khodayari as physical fitness instructor and Hassan Yousefi Afshar as Excellent technical consultants are with us and are very helpful.

He added: “For each wrestler, we have a program specific to that wrestler and we prevent them from over-training or losing weight. We move forward step by step and as the work progresses technically, in terms of physical fitness and bodybuilding Wrestlers are also making progress.

The head coach of the national team, stating that he has no involvement in the selection of the national team, said: “As the head coach of the national team, my duty is to prepare wrestlers technically, tactically, nutrition, bodybuilding, physical fitness, analysis and و and wrestlers who cycle.” The selected players will enter the national team camp, and will be ready for the upcoming competitions, including the Serbian competitions, with the programs of the technical staff.

“Nothing is predictable and anything can happen. We have two competitions in the World Cup, one team competition and one individual competition, in fact a team competition between Iran and America is formed, but there is individual competition between wrestlers from countries like the United States, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, and other countries have one or two good wrestlers in their lineup, and it is the single stars who can challenge our wrestlers.

He continued: “In fact, single wrestling stars from Japan, India, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Uzbekistan and original Russian wrestlers who are part of some teams also claim medals and the work of our wrestlers.” They work hard to win medals and the most colorful medals.

In the end, Drastkar praised the efforts of the Wrestling Federation in supporting the national teams and said: “The technical staff of the national team, along with other friends who consult with us, do our best to prepare the national team for the best result in world competitions, but God knows for sure what the result will be, and we are only one tool, but we trust in God and we know that He is our supporter in all moments.

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