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Honoring the memory of Ali Hatami on National Cinema Day

According to the Fars news agency, the documentary “That teacher without a teacher” produced by Seyyed Wohid Hosseini is about Ali Hatami, the late screenwriter and director of Iranian cinema and television, narrated by Ezzatullah Tzazami, Jamshid Meshaikhi, Ali Nasirian, Daud Rashidi and Mohammad Ali Keshavarz (the famous actors of his films) and Manouchehr Esmaili, Nasser Tahmasab, Hossein Alizadeh, Ahmed Bakshi, director and assistant Ali Hatami, Abdullah Eskandari, Arslan Kamkar, Hojat Shakiba painter and Mahmoud Basiri are introduced.

This documentary was made in memory of Ali Hatami and the name of the film is taken from the title of an article by Bahram Bayzaei describing Hatami. “That teacher without a teacher” was directed by Seyyed Vahid Hosseini and Muhaddeh Golchin Arefi, and other factors include editor: Iman Nikbein, cinematographer: Seyed Douhid Hosseini, researcher and writer: Seyed Wohid Hosseini, Mohaddeth Golchin Arefi, sound engineer: Iman Nikbein, design Voice: Muhaddeh Golchin Arefi and production manager: Mina Modarsi pointed out.

Ali Hatami, a well-known director, screenwriter and producer of Iranian cinema and television, has created lasting works such as “Delshedgan”, “Mother”, “Kamaal-ul-Molk”, “Hazardestan” and… This director passed away on December 15, 1375 due to cancer in Tehran.

The documentary channel will air “That Masterless Teacher” tonight on National Cinema Day. This documentary will be rebroadcast on Wednesday 22 September at 9 o’clock on Documentary Network.

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