House in Tehran 74 million Tomans per meter! / Market developments and housing prices in different areas (Table)

According to Tejarat News, central bank Developments report Housing Tehran published in May and announced that the monthly inflation and point inflation of this sector increased in the second month of 1401. This is while the monthly housing inflation was decreasing in April.

The Central Bank report also shows an increase in transactions in Tehran compared to last month. The number of residential apartments traded in Tehran in May 1401, reached 10.5 thousand residential units. This figure has increased by 206.1% compared to the previous month and 166.4% compared to the same month of the previous year.

In the first month of this year, the average purchase and sale price of one square meter of residential unit infrastructure was announced as 36 million and 350 thousand tomans. This figure shows an increase of 6.1% compared to the previous month and 26.2% compared to the same month of the previous year (point inflation). The central bank had announced a point-to-point growth of 69.7% in April 1400. Analysts at the agency now believe that the sharp decline in this figure this year indicates a “slowdown in the growth rate of housing prices.”

Also, the study of rent index of rental housing in Tehran and all urban areas in May 1401, shows a growth of 46 and 50.6 percent, respectively, compared to the same month last year. These figures in April were equivalent to 45.6 and 50.1 percent.

Report on housing market developments in Tehran – May 1401

Prices in different regions

In May, the average price per meter of a residential unit in area one of Tehran was about 74 million tomans. This average price in region 22 reaches about 33 million tomans.

District 18 of Tehran, with 18 million Tomans, had the lowest average price per meter of a residential unit.

However, some areas have higher prices. For example, the average price in region 12 is about 22 million tomans and in region 20 is about 19 million tomans.

The average price per square meter in District 14 has been about 27 million tomans.

Average housing prices in the 22 districts of Tehran – May 1401

Statistics Center report on housing market disruptions in the country

Recently, the Statistics Center published a report on the consumer price index in May 1994, according to which monthly, spot and annual inflation in the second month of the year was increasing.

The report of the Statistics Center shows that the monthly inflation rate of the sector Housing (Percentage change in the price index number this month compared to the previous month index number), in May 1401, has been increasing. This figure was recorded in the latest report of the Statistics Center, 2.5 percent, while in farvardin It was 2.1 percent. A comparison of the two numbers shows a 19.05 percentage point increase in monthly inflation.

The point inflation rate (percentage change in the price index number, compared to the same month last year), in the second month of this year, was 30.5 percent. This figure was announced in April as 28.4 percent. Comparing the two numbers, the increase in the point inflation rate of the sector is 7.39 percentage points Housing it shows.

Annual inflation rate is also an important indicator in examining housing market developments. This figure indicates the percentage change in the average numbers of the price index, in a year ending this month, compared to the index of the same period last year. The annual inflation rate of this sector reached 27.2 in May 1401.

The Statistics Center had announced this figure of 27% in April this year. This means an increase of 0.74 percentage points in the annual inflation rate of the sector Housing Is.

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