Housing allowance for workers was implemented – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, the insurance deputy of the Social Security Organization announced the implementation of the resolution of the Commission on Article 138 of the Constitution regarding the determination of housing allowances for workers subject to the labor law from the beginning of April 1401.

According to Mehr, Mehrdad Gharib stated: According to the notification of the Commission’s decision on Article 138 of the Constitution, regarding the determination of the housing allowance for workers subject to the Labor Law from the beginning of April 1401, in the amount of 650 thousand Tomans, and considering that the said amount is subject to deduction is the insurance premium, this organization has applied the necessary changes in the related software and this notification has been implemented in the social security organization.

Gharib added: It is necessary for employers to calculate the insurance premium related to the difference in the increase of workers’ housing rights from the beginning of this year and pay it to the social security organization.

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