How long do the winners of the car lottery have to pay? / Another ambiguity!

According to Tejarat News, the Ministry of Silence, the lottery of sales plans offered in Integrated car allocation system Performed on the ninth of Khordad. The names of the winners were supposed to be announced on the same system at 9 am the next day, but the people were informed about 30 hours after the results.

It was past 2 pm on Wednesday, June 4, when the names of the car winners were entered in the integrated system and people were given three days to pay. Given that it was an official holiday in the country from Friday, June 13th to Sunday, June 6th, the winners felt that they did not have much time to complete the process of completing the car purchase. But carefully the announcements made it clear that people had three working days to pay. In other words, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, which were public holidays, were not counted within this period.

Accordingly, the deadline should have expired today (Thursday, the twelfth, and Monday, and Tuesday, the sixteenth and seventeenth of June). But this deadline was added and extended until Wednesday the 18th

How long do car winners have to complete the purchase?

But now, according to what is listed on the front page of the integrated car allocation system, the winners can complete the deposit process by June 16th.

The text posted on this site states: “Currently, the process of depositing funds by the main selected companies by car companies has begun and will continue until June 16 this year.”

This is while yesterday the company Avalanche engine Announced that those who have won the lottery of the integrated car allocation system to buy Dignity and Fidelity, have until Wednesday, June 9 (tomorrow) to pay. There is no explanation in this regard on the site of five other automakers.

Of course, before this, Hossein Kazemi, Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Saipa Automotive Group, had also said: The winners of the car lottery have until Wednesday, June 9, to deposit their funds (Broadcasting).

Eighteenth or twenty-fifth?

Following Tejarat News from Bahman Motor Company, it was revealed that the Ministry of Silence has announced the date of June 9 to the companies. The same date was mentioned in the text message for the winners.

The company explained that no official notification has been sent to them to change the deadline for completing the purchase process, so the criterion is still 18th.

In the meantime, it is not clear how long the winners of the sales plans for each of the six automakers operating in the system will have to deposit; Eighteenth or twenty-fifth?

Information sites for car winners

Although ambiguity remains, winners can refer to the following links for more information on the lottery.


Avalanche engine

Iran Khodro

Modiran Khodro

Kerman Motor

Arian Pars Motor

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