How many containers entered the market? / Tara production failed?

According to Tejaratnews, while Tara car, the newest and according to the blue-covered road for the most modern product of the country’s car industry, was to reach mass production in 1400 and more than 50,000 units of this car were to be produced, Kedal statistics show that the production number of this car is still It is three digits higher than the initial predictions.

The Vice President for Research, Design and Development of Iran Khodro Industrial Group had announced the production plan of Tara 1000-unit in February last year, but after 6 months, the circulation of this car is still very low and for August it is only 318 units. In fact, from February to August 20, only 1,442 Tara units have been produced and of this amount, only 498 units have been sent to the market. This is while at least 4,000 tara machines should have been produced per month. Now the question is whether with this small volume of production, Irankhodro is able to respond to the pre-sale program that started on Sunday?

It can be said that Tara is a proposed plan to circumvent sanctions. With the beginning of sanctions in June of 1993 and with the priority of sanctioning the automotive industry, Peugeot, like in 1996, violated all its obligations and left Iran Khodro with products 1 and 4. Iran Khodro Company and parts manufacturers had made a lot of investments in molds and production lines of auto parts لذا, so Iran Khodro time management decided to produce and self-sufficiency of product بدون without the presence of Peugeot and relying on the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of Iran ود Khodro, Sapco experts And builders begin.

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The self-sufficiency project ٣٠١ started in the third quarter of the year و and was to reach mass production in the last quarter of the year تا in order to compensate for the losses caused by the investments made, to be a response to the French companies owed. Unfortunately, the management of Iran Khodro could not bring this product to the market in time, despite heavy investments (due to changes in appearance such as doors, lights and bumpers).

Currently, Tara is more of a competitor to another product of Iran Khodro, namely Dena Plus. The fact is that the Iranian market in 1998 and 1999 was very thirsty for a new and strong model like Tara, but now time is not so good for this car. Although the Iranian market is eager for any kind of innovation, but it does not seem to be as enthusiastic for this car as it was in 1999. The types of Chinese assembly models produced by private automakers, a large part of which, incidentally, cover the price range of 350 to 500 million tomans, and ironically, are also of good quality, are definitely serious competitors for Tara. In addition, the footsteps of cheaper foreign cars can be heard.

Iran Khodro management has not yet responded to this amount of delay for the project. Why is the project behind schedule and has an estimate of potential losses and non-profits been made? Of course, this is not the first time that Iran-Khodro has faced the responsibility of foreign parties. In 1991, Peugeot stopped cooperating with Iran to produce the 206, which led to the Iranianization of the 206 (Rana product).

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