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We prepare the ground for the reopening of schools / The beginning of the school year in Shad Network – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr correspondent, the new version of the “Shad” student network was unveiled this morning in the presence of the head of education. The event, which was also broadcast virtually on the Shad system, reviewed the network’s capabilities once again.

Alireza Kazemi, the head of education at the ceremony, said that 3 days before the beginning of the year, this will be a good event: “The unveiling of the new version of Shad Network was designed by a group of people and has been provided to education today. This experience 2 years and a valuable reserve.

He continued: “We will start the new academic year in Iran Television School and we will start the academic year in Shad Network from the first day of October and we will start the field of face-to-face and gradual reopening of schools with the help of colleagues and parents.”

Kazemi further referred to the first meeting of the Higher Education Council, in which the framework of activities in cyberspace was approved in a happy format.

The head of education also said in honor of the Holy Defense Week and the sacrifices of the martyrs: “Our motto this year in education is to continue education, improve quality and ensure health, and extensive planning has been done on this key word.” In the field of continuing education, we see the preparation of three paths for continuing educational activities, one of which is the happy network and we want to approach the quality goals of education.

Kazemi continued: “Students’ health is our red line and priority at the beginning of the school year.” Due to this issue, we announced that the school year will begin with the Shad network and the Iranian TV school. They are ready to do it.

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Referring to the vaccination of school service drivers, he said: “Vaccination of teachers in the final stages of vaccination of parents of students and service drivers is also on the agenda.” Vaccination of 12th and lower grade students is also underway. We hope these issues will pave the way for school attendance. We have also prepared schools to comply with health protocols, and health per capita is paid to schools these days.

The head of education said: “We are witnessing a drop in student grades when our colleagues in the best content production studios across the country announced the standards of new teaching methods in accordance with the new ecosystem in the form of attractive and multimedia production methods and communicated to the provinces.” Also, the curriculum has been designed in accordance with the new conditions and has been communicated to the schools.

The head of the Ministry of Education, referring to the capabilities of Shad Network, said: “The addition of Shadbin browser and Shadjo search engine will greatly help students secure access to cyberspace and science at high speed.” Improving student attendance performance contributes to the quality of education.

In the end, Kazemi pointed out that the student network in Pasakrona will be a complementary part of educational activities and said: “We will use this capacity to achieve educational justice.”


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