How many times a year does rent increase? / Complaints about government plans in the rental market

According to Tejarat News, Statistics Center In recent days, it has published a report on the consumer price index in June 1994. According to the report, the monthly, spot and annual inflation rates of the rental sector for the country’s households were 2.3, 31.7 and 27.3, respectively.

Meanwhile, the overall monthly inflation rate for the country’s households broke the record of the post-revolutionary years and reached 2.7 percent. Also, point and annual inflation rates have been increasing in June and have been announced at 50.5% and 2.4%, respectively.

Tenants are more concerned as society sees rising prices in various parts of their living needs. It seems that plans such as setting a ceiling to increase rents, paying mortgages and automatically renewing lease agreements have not been able to alleviate their concerns.

In such circumstances, the publication of news on social media that some landlords are requesting a rent increase twice a year has increased the tenants’ concerns.

Is it possible to increase the rent twice a year?

Saeed Lotfi, a member of the board and treasurer of the Tehran Real Estate Association, told Tejaratnews: “Contracts are closed for 12 months.” As a result, landlords are unable to increase rent during the year before the contract expires.

He also adds: it is not possible to terminate the contract and pick up the tenant before the end of the lease. The tenant can stay in the house until the last day of the contract.

Does it depend on the agreement of the two parties?

Tejarat News recently published a report quoting Eqtesadonline in this regard. Some Business News viewers believe that these issues depend on the landlord-tenant agreement and may occur in practice. Some, however, believe that the owners do not have such a right.

“I am the owner of the house myself. “A one-year contract is signed with the tenant, and the landlord has no right to change the rent during the year.”

– “The owner of my house increased my mortgage twice a year, and for the next six months he rented me a monthly rent of one million and two hundred thousand tomans.” “I was not forced to. The law also said that you asked for it.”

“It depends on the terms of the contract. “The contract may provide for the right of unilateral termination by one of the parties.”

“I saw many people who asked the tenant to vacate them a few months later due to various issues, and he succeeded.”

The government has put forward plans to control the rental market that do not appear to have been successful.

Tenants complain about the constant increase in rent

The government is trying to control the market with measures such as a ceiling on rent increases or automatic renewal of contracts. But these measures have not allayed the concerns of some tenants.

“I have this question from the government and the parliament. When you increase the salaries of employees by ten percent, why should the rent with your license increase by 25%?” “Where will the poor employee get the rest?”

“What can we expect from homeowners when the government raises rents by 25 percent every year?”

– “House rent should be changed at least once a year, not twice a year. “A house that is no longer a dollar should change the channel every day.”

“By making this deposit, you have made people miserable. The owner gives any price he wants. “Our landlord said this year, add 115 million to the mortgage or raise it. How much can a worker save that you can price so easily?”

Landlords criticize government interference in the rental market

In contrast, a group of landlords are critical of the government’s involvement in the rental market, given high inflation in all sectors.

“On the one hand, unbridled building materials are going up. On the other hand, consumer goods and wages are going up. Also, our general need is going up. Then they want to keep the rent order down.”

“I am an old man. I did not rent for years, I did not eat to live on an old-age pension. The government itself has multiplied everything and then tells everyone not to increase the price !!! “So how do I live?”

“Governments, as usual, are pushing people to escape,” he said. I am a landlord 1- Every year the value of my property decreases because the age of the building increases. – When the asset office based on the daily rental rate of my property; He collects taxes from me and says you have to pay the discount out of pocket. How do I deal with the tenant? 3- With the mandatory registration in the new system, by demanding a double tax, the pressure will surely be on the tenants in the future. “So this cost and pressure on the low-income group is planned by the officials and has nothing to do with the landlords.”

“Why doesn’t the government give the people their treasury and property?” At that time, I worked for 30 years and bought an apartment, and I have to rent it out of necessity so that I can pay the rent myself, but the government assigns it to me. “I can’t even evict the tenant who damaged the house.”

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