How much are the cheapest used cars on the market? (Table)

Online Economy – Solmaz Mohammadi; According to online economy observations in today’s car market, Kia Rio gear (assembly) as one of the cheapest second-hand cars in the market is bought and sold for about 135 million tomans.

Traders priced the Peugeot Roa G2 Model 89 at 70 million Tomans, and the Citroen Xantia 2.0 liter X Model 84 at around 150 million Tomans. The price of Pride cash register model 88 has also reached 65 million Tomans.

Observation of online sales advertisements shows that the price of Peugeot Pars Simple Model 84 has reached 119 million Tomans. Also, the sellers of the price of Peykan dual-burner model 87 have announced 90 million Tomans.

Traders priced the Peugeot RD Model 83 at around 32 million Tomans, and the price of the Pride 111 SE Model 94 has reached 128 million Tomans.

For information on the latest Vehicle price, Awareness of Car Prices the door Saipa And Iran Khodro And free market and information Car registration conditions Daily to service «Car Prices» And «Terms of car sales» In the news site EconomyOnline See.

It should be noted that the online economy does not interfere with prices. All kinds of cars may be traded in the market under the influence of various factors with a slight increase or decrease in the purchase price.


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